Just another love story

It's just another love story.


6. Chapter 6

Harrys POV 


"I want to kiss her in the rain." I whispered to Niall. "I'm on it." He got up and took Sams phone. "Hey." He ran away. She chased after him. I followed. I caught up to Niall. He handed me her phone. I ran outside. She came over to me. "Give it to me." She said. I kissed her. She kissed me back.


Sams POV 


Here I am kissing Harry in the rain wearing this:

He got a call. He answered. "Hey babe." Babe? "I'm…not doing anything." He looked at me. "Yeah love you too." He hung up. I ran inside. I stormed up to my room. I slammed the door and locked it.


Harrys POV 

She ran inside. I ran after her. "Where'd she go?" "Dude what happened?" Niall asked. "Taylor happened." I said. "Oh then she ran upstairs and slammed a door. Then screamed as loud as she could." Louis said. I ran up to her room. "Sam?" I didn't hear crying or an answer. "SAM?!?!" I screamed. No answer. I kicked the door down and looked around. There was a note on her bed. 



Ok so you're not the first guy I've ever dated. Your exactly like the others. They all cheated on me. When Ricky comes home, explain to him that I left. Goodbye.





"SAM?!?!" I screamed. I heard water splash. I ran to her bathroom. "Sam?" I heard another splash. Oh no. I opened the door and there she was. Unconscious. I broke down in tears. I grabbed a towel and picked her up. I wrapped her in the towel. She was still breathing. Thank god. I softly kissed her lips. She fluttered her eyes open. She looked at me pissed. "Get away." She got up and walked into her bedroom. 

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