Just another love story

It's just another love story.


3. Chapter 3

Sams POV 


I walked out and over to Ricky. "Hey. What did I just finish telling you? Come on. My date will be here soon…" "Date?" Harry looked at me wide eyed up and down. "Yeah…date." Niall came out. "See you soon Niall." I picked up Ricky and walked him back to the house laughing evily.


Nialls POV 


I can't believe Harry would do that to Sam. I walked out and saw them talking? I walked closer. See you soon Niall. She winked. I smiled and nodded. "Yeah ill be over in a bit." Harry glared at me. "What? We're just going on a date. That's not even real. She's just making you fall apart." "Well it's working." He stomped inside. I followed him in and got ready for my "date". "By guys ill be at my dates house." I laughed and walked over. I looked over and Harry was watching from his porch. I got an idea. I knocked. Sam opened it. I dipped and kissed her. She smiled and kissed me back. Harry stomped over. "Fake date my ass!" He pulled me away from Sam. "Harry you don't control me. Now gimme back Niall." She dragged me over to her. "Sam. I'm sorry. Is that what you wanna hear. I'm sorry a million times. I should've just talked to you instead of listening to loui…" She kissed him. He kissed her back. Your welcome Sam. 


Harrys POV 


She kissed me. :). I kissed her back. I put my arms around her. Ricky interrupted. "He buddy." Sam said and kneeled down. "What's up?" "What are you two doing?" He asked. Sam laughed. I did too. "Uh buddy. Ill tell ya when your older. Hey wanna go show Niall the autograph you got from the Grease cast?" He nodded and dragged Niall inside. Sam got up and hugged me. I hugged her back. "I'm really sorry Sam." "I forgive you. Niall is a slobbery kisser." She laughed. "I didn't need to know that ya know." She nodded. I laughed. "Oh crap I have work at 6. Ill call you later." She kissed my cheek and ran inside. Work? I started to walk back home. "Harry!" Sam screamed. I turned around. "Can you watch Ricky? He hasn't hung with a guy for a year." I nodded and picked up Ricky. "Lets to have some fun!" I started for my house. I stopped when I realized what Sam was wearing. I turned to her. "What?" I pointed to the outfit:

"Im a model?" She laughed. "By Ricky. He good." She kissed his cheek. Then kissed my lips quickly. She got in her car and drove off. 

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