Just another love story

It's just another love story.


2. Chapter 2

Harrys POV 


We finished dinner. "Lets play Truth or Dare!" I suggested. Everyone agreed. Sam grabbed my hand and pulled me to the living room. She sat me on the floor next to her. Everyone else came over. "I'll go first." Louis said. I licked my lips. "Harry, I dare you to kiss Sam for 6 seconds." He said. I looked Sam. She nodded and I kissed her. They counted. 13 seconds. 14 seconds. 18 seconds. 20 seconds. She kissed me back. I pulled away and smiled. She smiled back with confusion in her eyes. "Yes it worked!" Louis screamed. "What?!?!" Sam screamed. "Woops." I whispered. "What is he talking about Harry?" She glared at me. "Uh…" She stormed out. "No Sam…" I chased after her. "Sam wait…" She turned to me. "What? Is Louis gonna dare you to have sex with me to?" She screamed. "Sam…" "Just leave me alone Harry." She walked home wiping her tears. I let tears fall down my cheeks. She came back over. "You could've just told me. I liked you. Not anymore." She started for her house. I caught her. She turned to me. "Sam I just…I just really like you. I wanted that kiss so bad. I would've done anything to have it happen." She hit me upside the head. "Well now you've ruined everything." She ran back to her house. I walked back inside. I glared at Louis. I charged towards him. Liam, Zayn, and Niall kept me from getting to him. "YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!!! SHE HATES ME!!!! AND I HATE YOU!!!!" I screamed. I stormed up to my room and slammed the door. I locked it. I got in bed and cried myself to sleep. I woke up in the morning and slumped downstairs. I saw the guys. Louis. I death glared at him.


Sams POV 


I woke up in the morning to Ricky. "Yeah buddy?" I squinted at him. "Why were you crying last night?" He asked. "I…Just got a booboo." I tapped his nose. "Lets go get the mail." I got up and stretched. I picked up Ricky and carried him out to the mailbox. I saw Harry getting his mail. Ricky jumped out of my arms and ran to him. "Ugh Ricky." I chased after him. "Ricky you know you're not supposed to do that." I picked up Ricky. "Did Sam tell you about her booboo. She was crying a lot last night…" "RICKY!" I screamed. "What? I thought he was your best friend?" He looked at Harry. I looked at him. "He was." I started for the house. "Sam…" Harry called. I turned around. "Yes?" He handed me an envelope. "Wrong house." I grabbed it and walked back to my house. Harry looked terrible. I need to make him look like I'm not breaking. "Hey Ricky you wanna help with a project?" I asked as I set him down. He nodded. "Ok well I'm gonna need you to get Harry to come outside. Ok?" He nodded and ran outside. I got in this:


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