Just another love story

It's just another love story.


1. Chapter 1

Harrys POV 


I get to go home. My neighbor Sam is like my new best friend. I've missed her. She's awesome. But we're just friends. Sure she's pretty and sweet and has more in common with me then anyone else I know…oh no." I drove up to my house and saw Sam getting the mail. She dropped the envelopes in her hands. I laughed and got out. She ran over and hugged me. I hugged her back. The guys got out and awed. Sam pulled away. "We're just friends." She said. I nodded. My arm was still around her. Zayn looked at my fingers peaking around her waist. I let go of her. "Guys this is Sam. She lives next door." I said putting my arm back around her. I glared at Zayn. "The guys are staying here this summer. You wanna come over for dinner tonight?" I looked at Sam. She nodded. "Sure but I'm am staying in lazy day clothes." She said to me. "Same old Sam." "Sam!" Someone yelled. "Hold on Ricky." "Ricky's here?" I asked. She nodded. "I gotta go. Great to meet you guys. See you guys later." We quickly hugged then she ran home. "Just friends? Studies do show that…" "Shes the one that said that. We've  kissed before. Well, she's kissed my cheek. I've kissed hers. I…I think I like her." I licked my shoe around the ground. "I have an idea for him to lip lock. Truth or Dare." Louis said. "I'll dare Harry to kiss Sam for 6 seconds, if it goes longer, you're meant to be." That's actually a great idea. "Thanks Louis. That's an awesome idea." I smiled. We all went inside and I got ready to kiss Sam. I put on a white button down, and skinny jeans. Along with my boots. Then I heard a knock. I ran down stairs and answered it. "Hey Harry. Like my shirt?" She was wearing this:


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