Don't Let Me Go...

Growing up with Harry and his best friends was the time of my life. We were best friends for a very long time and have so many memories. Harry and I have a lot of romance but he is too afraid to tell anyone. It's like a secret that I want told. When he is around his friends I'm a complete stranger to him... But when we are alone he loves me. Every time I try to move on he pulls me back in. To everyone I'm a beggar because I keep on begging for his affection. What they don't understand is that I have it all the time. What can I say I'm a sucker for his green eyes and beautiful smile...
But can she keep this type of love forever? Can Gianna stand for this big secret? Promises will be broken and hearts will have to be pieced together. Will she break? Should she forget him and move on? Does Harry really love Gianna or is she just back up... Is he playing her? What happens when she tries to move on and Harry doesn't like it?


1. The Past

    Gianna's POV:


     The school bus was hot and sweaty on the ride home from school. It's was the last few weeks of school before I was going to be going into high school. I couldn't wait! High school is suppose to be the best time of our lives. But I'm a bit nervous. I'm nervous because I'm leaving a place where I was forever and a place I was used to.      



     I'm going to miss my friends but I know that my friend Harry is going to the same high school. I shouldn't say "friend" more like my "brother" aka "boyfriend. Well he isn't my boyfriend but I feel like I'm his girlfriend because of how close me and him are. We fight like sibling, we kiss like couples, we act like an old couple, and we love like best friends. We have been best friends since 6th grade. We were friends since kindergarten but we became closer when we got older.



       Actually he was sitting with me on the bus in the last seat. He has brown curly locks and has the cutest emerald eyes. I've been trying to get us to work since 6th grade. I've tried to get him to admit he likes me but he won't. "Harry?" I ask trying to get his attention. "What?" He says. "I just want to talk." I said innocently. "We'll hello there  Gianna" he said sarcastically. "How are you HARRY?" I asked screaming a bit. "Very well you?" Now we were sounding creepy. "I'm good now stop..." I said a little pissed.


          "WAHOOO!!!" He stands up on the seat and screams. As he flips his curls. "YEEAHH Man!" Harry's friend, Zayn says. I was sort of friends with all of them but I was closer with Harry. "Harry sit down or I'll drive right back to school! And Zayn lower your voice." The bus driver named Paul yelled at both of them. "Sorry I'm just pumped for the summer!" Harry yelled. "OKAY ILL BE QUIET SIR!!!" Zayn yelled ten times louder than before.  I mentally slapped myself and shook my head in shame and gave out a light laugh.




       Everyone was laughing. Including me. People were standing flipping off seats and jumping around. In the seat next to us there was Louis and Eleanor making out. That's just gross like seriously we are only 13/14. "NO PDA ON THE BUS!!!" Harry yelled at Louis and Eleanor. They pulled away and Eleanor looked embarrassed. Louis looked like he wanted to launch at Harry but El held him back. "Oh god! HARRY sit down" he took a seat next to me and said. "Sorry doll am I scaring you?" I smiled. "I don't want you to get in trouble." I said. "Ill be fine." He said and he kissed my cheek gently when no one was looking held my hand. Do u see what I mean?





     The rest of the bus ride he sat next to me. The bus jerked back when he went to stop. The sound of the door opening scared me and I jumped out of my seat. It was my stop. It was also about twenty other kids stop including Harry's. "After you" Harry said with a smirk on his face. "Why thank you sir" I said sarcastically smiling. All the kids rushed off the bus. One by one everyone disappeared.I was so happy to be off that sweaty bus.                                                                                                                                                                       "Hey do you want to walk home together?" I asked while blushing. Harry looked around to make sure no one was around and then replied. "Uhmm sure..." He said. The coast was clear. But what was he looking for? Was it his 'girlfriend'? He doesn't have one. I don't think. We walked and talked. We didn't live that far from each other only down the block.                                                                                                                              Out of no where he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. My stomach fluttered. I was blushing a lot. He could tell, because he started blushing. "Harry?" I asked peculiar. "Yes?" He said curious of what was going to come next. I was going to ask him if we are a couple but I lost my courage. It was shot. I didn't want to ruin things. "Never mind." His face looked a bit relieved when I said that. After that we walked home in silence but I liked it...


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