Maliyah Horan . Bullied by Her own Brother and His friends . Why do they hate her So Much? What did she ever do ?


1. Maliyah Horan

Hi Im Maliyah .. I Look Happy Right? Well Im not . 

My full Name is Maliyah Anne Horan . As You see Niall Horan is My Brother . 

Him and His friends Hate me . His Friends are Zayn Malik , Harry styles , And Liam Payne . 

Whenever they say Mean things to me Zayn Has this Guilty Look in His Eyes but whatever.

Im 17 Years Old . I Get Bullied Everyday No matter what . I Have Anxiety and Depression Problems. 

I Have a Problem Cutting Myself No One Knows . Like anyone would care . I Have to Live with my Dumb Ass Brother who hates me Because My Parents Died in a Car Crash . 

I Don't Even Know why I Get bullied Niall Use to be so Loving and Protective but Now him and Everyone else hates me . 

I Hate Niall and Harry The Most They Physically Hurt me to , Hit me and Kick me .. 

Why did my parents have to Go.. I Miss them so much.. 


I Just want My Big brother back and Parents Back.. 


I Want to Die . I Dont want to be Here Anymore ... 


Niall's Home I Have to go Bye.

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