The New Kid. (Ziall)

Zayn was bullied at his old school for being a Muslim. He thought no one could ever understand him. His parents never knew he was bullied, until one day a teacher found him knocked out in the boys bathroom. Zayn went to the hospital, and obviously they had to call his parents. His parents were furious. Zayn got home after having to stay in the hospital for the day, He had to tell his parents everything. All about the bullying. His parents were in tears when he finished. His parents made a decision, there moving. And moving far. Bradford to London. Zayn was scared. But the thing he didn't know was he will meet a very special boy.


8. Chapter 8

*Zayn's POV*

That means.. no. I'm going to dinner at his house tonight!


"EPP! We are neighbors!" Niall exclaimed happily, he wrapped his arms around me and started jumping. Electricity is going through my body from his touch.. what the heck. WOAH!

"NIALL PUT ME DOWN!" I yell, as Niall is spinning me around.. He must be really happy! But why?

Niall puts me down, "aren't you happy?!?" Niall asks.
"Sure!" I say with a smile.

"why don't you like me?" He asks.

"you act like you own me or something! And you touch my bum! You act like I'm your boyfriend!" I almost yell.

"I just wish you were.." He murmured. "Wish I was what?!"


He's kidding right? I look at his face, to see if he's kidding or being serious, I look at him and he's looking at the ground, I see a tear fall to the ground... He's being serious.

He looked up with watery eyes.

"Sorry I'll just leave you alone, I won't talk to you." He said walking away. But I grabbed his arm and turned him around,

"don't leave me"

"why not? you don't like me anyways" He said with tears running down his face.

I hug him. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, I get that feeling too, the electricity.. I'm just scared of being gay.. But I'm not, I'm only attracted to you." I say rubbing circles in Niall's back.

"Are you s-saying y-you l-l-like m-me?" Niall stutters.

"Yeah.. it feels right having you in my arms." I say quietly. Niall looks up at me, and smiles brightly. I wipe away the tears and kiss his forehead.

We pull apart.

"I should get going." I say scratching the back of my neck, nervously.

"Ok.. You better text me" Niall said with a wink, and he walked away. I turn to my house and walk up to it, when I walk in my parents are standing in the door.

"So who's that cute boy?" Mum said.

"Stop! Why were you hugging, and why did you kiss his forehead?" Dad yells.

"Mum, that's Niall our neighbor, And Dad we were hugging because I like him! More than a friend!" I said. My dads face turned red in anger.

"MY SON WILL NOT BE GAY!" Dad said loudly, I feel a tear run down my face.




Mum started crying too.. Why does my life have to be like this?

"I'm only gay for him." I mumble.

"ONLY GAY FOR HIM? HA REALLY FUNNY ZAYN!" Dad yelled at me. I run upstairs and hear my parents fighting. I put my headphones in and blast my music, and cry. I grab a blanket and go out on the balcony and sit on the chair that's out there and wrap the blanket around me.

And cried.. I just cried. I don't know what else to do. I have a terrible life. I felt something hit me, I look down and see a shoe.. I get up and look over the balcony and see, Niall. I smile. I take out my headphones.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Coming to see you. Why are you crying babe?" He says while climbing up a tree.

"Why are you climbing a tree?" I ask.

"To come see you, I got rejected at the front door"

"I'm sorry" He gets jumps and lands on the balcony.

He walks over to me and wraps his arms around me.

"Babe it's not your fault." Niall said rubbing circles on my back.

"Y-yeah it I-is!" I start sobbing again.

"Babe no, don't listen to your dad, it's perfectly fine to like another guy."

"How did you know, what my dad said?" I ask, with tears still running down my face.

"After your dad said no to me coming in, your mum came out and explained everything, and guess what she said.. She told me to go to the side of the house and come up the tree to the balcony." He said still holding me. It was really cold out and I started shivering, even though I still had a blanket around me. I guess Niall noticed my shiver. He pulled me into my room.

I was already settled down, Niall just has a effect on me..

"Get pj's on" Niall demanded. I obeyed sort of I mean..

I don't really wear pjs.. I just sleep in my boxers. Eh I don't care what he thinks of me. I slide of my jeans and my shirt, leaving me only in my boxers, I look over at Niall and see his cheeks turning red. He's just staring.

"Take a picture it last longer." I say with a wink.

Where the hell did I get that confidence?

Niall pulls out his phone and takes a picture of me.

"Ahh I now have the best backround." He said with a wink.

He walks over to me and wraps his arms around my waist, I naturally put my arms around his neck.

He touched our foreheads together.

"Do you like me, more than a friend?" He asks.

"Yes." He leans down and touches are lips, just for a moment, then pulls away. In that one moment I felt like I was in a perfect world.

*Authors Note*

Like it...? I made it a little longer.

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