The New Kid. (Ziall)

Zayn was bullied at his old school for being a Muslim. He thought no one could ever understand him. His parents never knew he was bullied, until one day a teacher found him knocked out in the boys bathroom. Zayn went to the hospital, and obviously they had to call his parents. His parents were furious. Zayn got home after having to stay in the hospital for the day, He had to tell his parents everything. All about the bullying. His parents were in tears when he finished. His parents made a decision, there moving. And moving far. Bradford to London. Zayn was scared. But the thing he didn't know was he will meet a very special boy.


12. Authors Note

I'm sorry! I really like this story but I feel I moved way to quick! So I was thinking.. of leaving this up for a couple weeks.. Then soon, once I get on track with school I'll make a new bromance story..? So if you want me to message me on kik @carleehoran1117

(: orr maybe redo this book....  Just message me!

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