The New Kid. (Ziall)

Zayn was bullied at his old school for being a Muslim. He thought no one could ever understand him. His parents never knew he was bullied, until one day a teacher found him knocked out in the boys bathroom. Zayn went to the hospital, and obviously they had to call his parents. His parents were furious. Zayn got home after having to stay in the hospital for the day, He had to tell his parents everything. All about the bullying. His parents were in tears when he finished. His parents made a decision, there moving. And moving far. Bradford to London. Zayn was scared. But the thing he didn't know was he will meet a very special boy.


11. Authors Note

**Authors Note**

Hiya Guiiis(:

I really don't like this story... At all... :( I don't like how I rushed things.. I think I'm going to delete it.

And no.. i don't want a co-author, but thanks.

So yeah have a good day(:


if you interested... lol

message me on kik: @carleehoran1117

AND IF YOU MESSAGE ME SAYING YOU WANT TO KNOW WHEN I POST MY FIRST VIDEO.. message me and i'll write down your user and message you when i put it up(:

I doubt any of you would want to kknow though


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