A Moment Lost

Maxine and her best friend are going on vacation to England and jesses favorite band is going to be there ONE DIRECTION there is only one thing Maxine is not very fond of one of the members that goes by the name of HARRY STYLES Maxine has met him before and hear many things about him that she didn't like but when she gets stuck on a ride with him her feelings may change even though she promises her self she will not fall in love




          Maxine's POV

                          " Maxine!?" my mom shouted. I ran down the stairs stomping my feet and looking at her in an annoyed way. Jess called saying that your flight is going to be at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon" I rolled my eyes at her and she gave me the death stare. I had already known that its not like I'm stupid and didn't find out till the day before. I drove to jesses and went to go pick her up, she is sleeping over so she can help me pack and we can go together.

                            I CANT WAIT TO GO TO ENGLAND" I said in and excited voice. the only down fall is jesses favorite band is going to be there so called one.. my thoughts were interrupted as I heard jess yell out in a fan girls scream I CANT WAIT TO SEE ONE DIRECTION THERE SMILES ,LOOKS HAIR ,AND ACCENTS, AND THERE STAYING IN THE SAME HOTEL" oh god I thought in my head don't get me wrong I used like them I don't anymore I don't mind Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall they seemed cool it was just harry styles. I hated that boy he acts like he is perfect and flirts with anyone he like a tiny little man whore, he is a pretty boy. And I an say these things because I just didn't hear these things about him I witnessed it I had won a contest to go to a one direction concert then meet them back stage Harry was a jerk." so do you think you will have a lot of one night stands this summer" she asked as she raised her eye brows at me.

                              " yeah I am, I'm not going to fall in love or anything I can promise you that plus I have that thing with Ryan" I got this weird feeling in my stomach when his name slipped out of my mouth, shivers through my back I smiled a little. jess smiled to knowing exactly who I was thinking about.

           Harry's POV

                               I'm just about done packing. Me and the boys are going to this convention then some other thing we are going to be staying in the same hotel for a month or two. It was just me and Louis in the room packing cause the others were doing something bout Niall getting stuck in god knows what I laughed a little at the thought oh Niall. Louis is my best bud and I cant wait to spend so much time with him and catch up on things we have been so busy we never get to really talk or have a real conversation about anything unless it has to with the band. " sooooooo harry you going to have a lot of one night stands while we are gone." as he raised his eyebrows at me.

                               " yeah I am, I'm not going to fall in love or anything I can promise you that plus there is a carnival near the hotel and do you know how many hot girls go to carnivals, a lot" I was getting tired and so was Louis so we decided to get ready for bed Louis left to go home and I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. off to bed I thought to my self I need my beauty sleep I laughed I amuse myself.

            Maxine's POV

                                me and jess were starting to get tired so jess went down stairs to use the bathroom while I used the one in my room. I started brushing my teeth when my thoughts went back to Ryan. I don't even know if I would be able to do a one night stand I cared to much for Ryan. Jess walked in she also seems to interrupt my thought." ready to go to bed she said" I replied with a yes.


                                  I woke up to the sound of my I phone alarm. If your ready come and get it na na na na na na na na. Jess looked at me then the clock." are you fucking kidding me really 6 o clock in the morning what is wrong with you."

                                 " well I don't want to wake up late today then I take even longer to get dressed and everything and miss our flight so I thought I would get dressed and stuff and go grab breakfast at Starbucks for us." I was lying she nodded and fell right back to sleep. the reason awoke  so early was cause I was going to meet Ryan at the park"


Ryan- hey ;)

me- hey what's up

Ryan- nmu I am so glad you texted me back

me-why lol and same I'm going to England for a month or so

Ryan- oh :( well I wanted to no if early tomorrow morning you wanted to meet me at the park?

me- yeah but why the park?

Ryan- I don't know just cause


Ryan your so cute I wish you were in my arms right now

me same wish your arms were rapped around me

Ryan- I wish that would ne great lol ;)

me well I'm kind of falling asleep already

Ryan- why do I bore you

me- no you actually make me really happy inside ,safe and sound

Ryan oh same here night cutie ;)

me- ok night hot stuff ill meet you at around 6:30


                       I went through my drawers and closet the for a cute outfit. I decided to wear cute high top shorts with a low cut white shirt that says love is all you need and it was short in length. to go with the theme I put on red lipstick some combat boots and a heart necklace and silver bracelet. I applied a thick layer of eye liner my eyes are the same every day. I went down stairs and out the door I was. I got out of the car and sat on the swings waiting for him it was still pretty dark out the clouds looked depressed. I heard a sound so I turned around nothing was there I started getting scared and stood up in a scared motion and then started waling just about to text Ryan I jumped as I felt a hand on my shoulder it was him. I was so happy he was here and I hugged him so tightly I didn't let go till he said he couldn't breath. He sat on the swing and then I did too right on his lap we talked a lot and I told him I was leaving today. I saw is eyes fill with sadness. I'm guessing he wanted to have a good last moment because he grabbed my waist turning me around so that are chests and faces were facing each other. he put hands  around my ribs and my hands were around his neck. He puled me in and we started kissing.. It was very passionate and as he inserted his tounge his hand lowered. at that point are body's were pressed against each other and his ands were grabbing my ass. I love you and I want you so bad he whisper softly. It kinda turned me on and I said I love you too.


                               I got home and jess was standing there and she looked at me with a big smile on her face. I knew she knew where I was. she raised her eyebrows in a mysterious way. soooooo were is the Starbucks max. ummmm oh I totally forgot that there were closed today so when I went well they were closed. Yeah she replied that's what happened. ok she knew that I was with Ryan or else she wouldn't act so strange. we got the car loaded and headed to the airport. We got there around 12:00 exactly and we went through the security and all that stuff soon enough we were landing and I got really excited. When we entered the hotel I was shocked and I think jess was too our mouths were open. it was really nice that's all I can say. It was late when we got there so we went to bed I texted Ryan and then slowly closed my eyes and fell right asleep.






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