Niall's Princesses (COMPLETED)

Ava and Niall are both 20 years old, they have been dating for almost 5 years.
But everything is about to change.


15. Without Niall

*Perrie's P.O.V*

Ava and i drove to her house because i am going to live with her for the next month. I got my bags out of my car and carried them inside. The clock was only 8 am so i decided to take a warm shower, i did my routine in the shower, then i hopped out of the shower and put this on: .

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, Ava was making pancakes for us.

"Mmm smells good" i said

"Here have some" She said smiling and handing me a plate with newly baked pancakes.

We sat down, ate our pancakes and talked until Grace started crying. Ava stood up and went into Grace's room and came back with her in her arms feeding her bottle. We continued talking about nothing, that is what i love about Ava is that we can talk about anything without getting bored. Grace was asleep so Ava put her into her room in her crib. When Ava came back we cleaned up in the kitchen and decided to watch Awkward on the tv.


*Ava's P.O.V*

It has only been a week since Niall and the boys left to go on tour, it feels like 3 months. Only 3 weeks until they come home, i can't wait to kiss him again. I skype with him every night i tell him how big Grace is now and he tells me how much he misses us.

Perrie has been great, she misses Zayn just as much as i miss Niall. One night i walked by her room and heard her crying on the phone with Zayn, i hope everything is ok, she probably just misses him.

I decided to take a hot bath, since Perrie was taking care of Grace. I washed my hair and body and then relaxed for few minuets. 

When i got out of the tub i put this on:

I walked downstairs and saw Perrie sitting by the kitchen table feeding Grace.

"So i was thinking of going for a walk with Grace, for the first time. Do you want to come?" i asked Perrie smiling.

"Yes i would love to" She said replying the smile.

Perrie handed me Ava and i went into her room and put her in warmer clothes. It was almost September so it was getting chilly outside. I walked into the living room to get Perrie.


We were walking in the park and talking about how much we missed the boys, when a girl about 7 years old came up to us.

"Hi Perrie, can i take picture with you?" She asked with shaky voice.

"Sure love" she said and bent a little because the girl was so small.

Just then my phone started ringing.

"Hello" I said

"Hey Ava, It's Justin"

"Hey, long time no talk" Me and Justin met 2 years ago when he invited me and Niall to some party he was throwing, and since then we have been best friends.

"Yeah, i'm sorry i have just been busy with tour and all that craziness you know how it is"

"hahaha, yes i know"

"So i'm in London for the next couple of days and i was wondering if you would want to meet up with me, and i could see Grace"

"Yes! I would love to meet up with you and let you see Grace!"

"Okay great should i come by your place now or?"

"I'm out walking with Perrie and Grace now, i will just head back now, it will take me about 15 minuets to get home" 

"Okay see you in about 20 minuets!" He said and hung up.

I am so excited to see Justin again, i haven't seen him since before Christmas. I walked up to Perrie and told her that Justin just called and she said bye to the little girl and we walked over to my house.



I'm sooo sorry for the short chapter and how long i have been taking to update it, but school is starting soon and i was at work all day putting something to do with the security on bunch of shoes, cant remember what it is called i think it is called tagging, and my hands hurt so bad i want to cry. And i'm having writers block, have no idea what to write about! 

Comment some ideas!

Anyways I hope you like it! Remember to comment, like and put to favorites!

I will try to post another chapter tomorrow if i have time!

-justsimplyme xx


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