Niall's Princesses (COMPLETED)

Ava and Niall are both 20 years old, they have been dating for almost 5 years.
But everything is about to change.


18. The End

*Niall's P.O.V*

I was boarding the plane from Paris to London, we just finished our last show this tour. We were supposed to stay for 3 more days, but i want to surprise Ava. I sat down in my seat and pulled my phone out, the flight is about 2 hours so it wont take long, I put my headphones in my ears and layd back, thinking of Ava and Grace.


*Ava's P.O.V.*

<Few hours after Niall talked to Justin>

Justin walked into the room and sat down on the sofa. 

"Who was it?" I asked smiling.

"Ermm.. Nobody.." He said, i knew he was lying but i didn't really care.

"Uh, hey Ava could i talk to you in the kitchen?" Justin asked shyly.

I looked at Perrie and she nodded, so i followed Justin into the kitchen. I sat down at the table and so did he. He reached out for my hand and rubbed it. Weird...

"So Ava i have always wanted to tell you this.... I have been in love with you since Niall first introduced us"

My eyes widened, I can't believe he just said this! He is my like my little brother in my eyes. I couldn't say anything, i wanted to but when i opened my mouth no words were willing to come out.. 

"I know you love Niall, and you have a child together...i just had to get this of my cheats and i don't expect you to feel the same about me.. I understand if you don't feel the same way for me" he said

I still couldn't say a word, my jaws were paralyzed.

"I-i'm sorry Justin" i trailed of.

"You don't have to say anything, ill just leave now" He said and stood up. He walked over to Perrie whispered something into her ears then walked towards the door and then he was gone.

"That was weird" Perrie said. I just sat down on the sofa, and went to check my twitter.

"What are you doing" Perrie asked.

"Just checking twitter"

"NO!" She screamed and ran towards me and snapped my phone out of my hands.

"What the hell Perrie?!" I yelled

"Uuuu.. i need that" She said

"For what?" I asked

"You will see" She said and put my phone into her pocket.

"When am i going to have him back?" I asked like Perrie was my mother and she just grounded me.

"Tomorrow" She said camly.

"TOMORROW?" I yelled, "Niall could call me or text me! I don't want to miss that!"

I'll just let you know if he calls okay?" 

I groaned like some teenager and stumbled into the kitchen. Perrie just laughed at me, i would probably have laughed with her if this wasn't me.


Perrie, Grace and i went out for dinner, or we stopped at McDonald's and ordered to go because we would probably get mobbed, i usually don't mind, but i have Grace with me now and i don't want her to get mobbed. We ate our food when we came home and then i put Grace to sleep. I was tired so i derided to go to sleep.


Grace woke me up at 5 am and she wouldn't go back to sleep. So we just got dressed and we made pancakes. The clock was about 8 am when i heard someone open the front door. I thought it was Perrie so i didn't really think of it. When i was taking a sip of my coffee someone placed their hands on my eyes so i couldn't see anything. 

"Guess who"

"Niall?!" I said like 5 year old girl.

He took his hands of my face and kissed my cheek.

"You guessed right" He said moving to my lips with his. 

We were kissing passionately when he pulled away. He went down on one knee and looked deeply into my eyes and said:

"Ava you are the love of my life i have waited for so long time to ask you this, will you marry me?"





Sorry if you didn't like the end.. butttt maybe i will post a sequel!!

-justsimplyme xx 

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