Niall's Princesses (COMPLETED)

Ava and Niall are both 20 years old, they have been dating for almost 5 years.
But everything is about to change.


10. Niall's P.O.V

*Niall's P.O.V*

I open my eyes and noticed a nurse looking at me, i was bit confused and in massive pain, the pain was so much o wanted to scream.

"Nurse" I barely came this word out of my mouth. She called someone and then ran over to me.

"Yes" She asked.

"My girlfriend, is she here? Her name is Ava" I asked.

"Yes she is"

"Could you go and get her for me? I want to see her" I asked

"Yes I’ll be back in a bit" She said smiling and leaving the room.

After few minutes Ava came running over to me and embraced me in a tight hug. A small moan escaped my lips, it hurt really bad when she hugged me. But I didn’t mind, I just wanted her in my arms. I noticed that she was wearing hospital clothes just like me.

“Ava why are you wearing hospital clothes?” I asked confused.

“Uuuu… when the nurse came to tell us something about you I stood up quickly and fell almost down at the same time. At first they thought I was in labour, but after few tests they found out it was just something that is called false labour pains” She said.

I just stared at her and then shacked my head.

“Good thing that it was just false” I said smiling and kissed her belly.

“Why?” She asked.

“I want to be there when our baby is coming” I said smiling.

It felt so good to have her in my arms again, boy I missed her. I suddenly remembered what I was going to tell her earlier. ‘You have to tell her now’ I thought to myself.

“Ava I need to tell you something” I said in a shaky voice.

She just nodded and I tried to finish what I was saying, I looked deeply into her eyes, all I saw was beauty and happiness, I can’t ruin that.  I manned up and said.

“Ava I’m really sorry, it meant nothing to me at all, you have to know that I was just upset because we were fighting.. I slept with another girl” I finally got these terrible words out of my mouth. She just stared at me, her face was pail and there were tears forming in her eyes. I took a look into her eyes again and saw that the happiness was gone, her eyes were almost black, full of sadness, hate and anger. She stood up heading out of the door when I grabbed her arm.

“No Niall I need some time to think” she spat.

I let go of her arm and laid down in my bed, thinking. I think I just lost the love of my life.




Sorry for the short chapter! And thanks for the comments, i love them!

-justsimplyme xx

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