Niall's Princesses (COMPLETED)

Ava and Niall are both 20 years old, they have been dating for almost 5 years.
But everything is about to change.


9. Bad New

*Ava's P.O.V.*

I was taking a nap when my phone woke me up. I picked it up annoyed.


"Hello Is this Ava Jacobs?"

"Yes this is she, who is this?"

"My name Is Jamie and I am a nurse at The London Hospital. (A/N I Google-d some hospitals in London but it was very confusing so i just made up a name.) You are Niall's girlfriend right?"

"Yes i am his girlfriend, did something happen to him?" I asked scared of what she would say.

"Unfortunately he got in a car accident, he is in surgery now, i think you should get down here, the doctors aren't sure how long he will be with us for now"  

I couldn't believe what she was saying, I couldn't say a word, the tears just streamed down my cheeks.

"Hello ? Are you still here?"

"Is this some sick joke?" I asked shaking.

"I wish i was joking but I am not"

"I'm on my way" I said and hung up.

I literately ran into the kitchen and grabbed my keys and then i turned around to see Liam in front of me.

"Liam we need to go to the hospital now" i said shaking.

"Why..?" he asked confused

"Niall was in a car accident and he is in surgery now and the doctors don't know how long he has left, so we have to go now" i screamed trough my tears.

Liam just yelled at the boys to get their asses into the car and he hugged me tightly and we ran to the car.

The car ride was silent. I just looked out of the window the whole time and wondered if he would be ok. He has to be ok, i can't do this alone, he is the love of my life and i can't lose him now. My cheeks were soaking wet from the tears i had been letting out, i was numb, i couldn't feel anything.

I spotted the hospital and when we were close enough i jumped out of the car and ran towards the hospital. I saw this nurse behind a desc and ran over to her. She looked up at me with a smile witch quickly faded when she saw my face.

"Hi I'm here for Niall Horan" I said wiping my tears away with my hands.

"Hi you must be Ava. Just take a seat over there and we will let you know when he gets out of surgery" she said pointing at the seats in the corner with sympathy smile. 

I sat down with the boys, we didn't talk we just stared at the floor and the wall. After what felt like hours some nurse came up to us. I stood quickly up and almost fell down again, i sat down on the floor screaming, my stomach hurt really really bad, Harry ran up to me and helped me stand up again. The nurse came running to me.

"What is wrong?" my h

"My stomach hurts really really bad" i said as the pain got worse with every word i let out of my mouth.

"How far are you?"

I couldn't answer i just screamed. 

"She is 8 months i think" Harry said for me.

"Are you the father?" she asked him.

"No" He simply said.

"Who is the father" she said looking over at the boys.  

"He isn't here, he is in surgery right now or that is what we have been told" Liam said.

"Okay lets get you a room" she said.

"No I can't do this without Niall" I screamed at them.

"Sorry sweete but you have to, Niall is fine, he is just still asleep after the surgery"

"And i'm here Ava, I won't leave you" Harry said squeezing my hand.

I just nodded and walked with them to some room, i really want this baby out of me, i was in massive pain that i couldn't bare. I laid on the bed and Harry stood right next to me and held my hand. The nurse came in with some doctors and they examined me. After some while of writing down on some papers and talking they turned to me. 

"Well Ava you are not giving birth now, it's something that is called false labor pain. We are just going to run some tests and then you are free to go" Dr. Ray said. They went out of the room and the boys came in and sat around my bed. Louis came running up to me and hugged me tight, i thought he was going to break me he hugged me so tight.

"You scared the shit out of us Ava! Don't ever do that again"

I smiled and said

"Louis i will have to do this later, this was just false labor pain" i said sarcastically.



The nurse from earlier came into our room and i sat up in my bed. She had the biggest smile on her face.

"He is awake and he is asking for you. Do you wan't to go see him?" 


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