These Promises Broken

Kaitlynn Nicole Cookson has always been able to see the bright side of things. In every small detail she sees beauty and perfection. Everything to her seems like a dream, and one day, she realizes how unreal it really is.


1. Waking up

I woke up to a small, warm ray of sunlight gleaming onto my face. As soon as I opened my eyes, I was flooded with happiness and warmth, realizing where I was. In his bed. Wrapped in his arms. In his shabby boyish room. My favorite place in the entire world. Zachary Tyler Cookson's house. No, not my brother. We coincidentally have the same last name. We found each other last October, and instantly we knew. We were perfect for each other. His jet black hair and smoky blue eyes were so mesmerizing. After I had fully woken up, I realized that my arm was asleep, and attempted to move without waking up Zach. I was unsuccessful, and he breathed in slowly, opened his eyes, and smiled. I guess he had forgotton that i was here as well. He giggled and pulled me close. He then whispered in my ear, 'Where do you think your going?' I smiled and laid my head on the pillow next to him and whispered back, 'Nowhere without you.' He leaned closer and kissed my forehead. 'You ready to start the day yet?' He asked with a serious look on his face. I rolled over. 'Ohhhh do we have toooooo?' He smiled and stood up. He was only wearing his boxers. I giggled and blushed. 'Where are the rest of your clothes?!' He laughed and pointed to my midsection. 'You stole my shirt.. and as for my pants, I'm not exactly sure.' I gasped and looked at him laughing. 'I'm keeping this forever!' He looked at me quizzically and pursed his lips. 'Love, I'm not sure that fits you too well.' He was right. It was a little big. But did he really think I cared? 'Oh, silly Zach. Did you really think I care about the size?' He smiled and shook his long hair out of his eyes. 'Whatever.' I checked my phone. Six a.m. I had to leave. I wasn't supposed to be with Zach. At all. If my mom found out, I was toast. 'Zach, look at the time!!' He frowned and looked at the phone in my hand. 'Shit! I'll drive you home. 'We got dressed really fast. He wore the outifit I picked for him. A black v neck, an Avenged Sevenfold belt, a pair of black skinny jeans, and of course his only pair of shoes. An old pair of faded black Converse. He forced me to wear the outfit he picked for me as well. A peach and creme colored zig zag belly shirt, a pair of blue and pink flowered shorts, a tan braid forehead band, and a pair of tan flowered sandals. We sprinted outside and jumped into his black mustang. He started the car, and drove off hurriedly without a single spoken word. We both knew what would happen if I wasnt home by the time mom was awake.
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