All or Nothing

Can a simple phone call change your life? In Aurora (Rori for short) and Amelia Carter's case, it can. Rori Carter, already a household name and eighteen, gets offered a movie deal that she can't not accept. Little does she know, she's doing a movie with the famous Louis Tomlinson. Amelia, Rori's little sister, is an aspiring singer and only sixteen. To her surprise, she gets offered to collaborate with the one and only One Direction. Will these girls find love and be successful? Or will they end up getting their hearts broken with their careers falling apart with it? Give them all or nothing.


12. "Thanks a lot!"


I ran up to my bathroom and locked the door, tears spilling out of my eyes. This was not how I wanted Rori to find out about Harry and I. So not. I shouldn't have been so careless! I should've told right after Harry and I had talked about it but noo I had insisted on taking a nap, 'Way to go Mia! Way to go!'. I sat there on the floor sobbing my eyes out, my head buried between my knees. About about an hour later someone knocked on the door, "Go away!" I shouted not caring who it was. "Mia it's me open up." Rori's voice came from the other end. "Why? So you can lecture me about how dating Harry is bad even though I care deeply care about him? I don't think so!" "Mia please, I just want to talk you. I'm not mad anymore." I sighed and unlocked the door, "What?" I asked once she had come in and shut the door again. "Look I'm sorry for embarrassing you earlier, I was just really shocked." "Why? That a guy like Harry could have feelings for me?" "No that you didn't tell me, and I-" "I was going to tell you, before we fell asleep I was talking to Harry about needing to tell you. You didn't give a chance." "Oh I had no idea, I'm sorry. And I guess I let my anger get the best of me, I was already mad at Louis so I guess I let that control me." "You should be fine because now Harry might not want to be with me! Now that you've not only humiliated me but him as well. So thanks Rori for ruining this for me. Thanks for ruining everything for me!" I shouted before running out of the room, tears still spilling from my eyes. I was about to enter Harry's room until I heard him and Louis talking, "You've got it bad mate." I heard Harry say. "I know, what am I going to tell Eleanor?" 'Who's Eleanor?' I wondered before listening more, "I don't know mate, this is your problem. Not mine." "All right mate what about your problem? Rori clearly doesn't approve of you and Mia. What are you going to do?" "I don't see how dating her is really a bad thing! We're alike in a lot ways! We both love singing, song writing, and performing. I know I've dated a lot of girls in my time Lou but Mia's different." "You really love her don't you?" "I do, a lot." I could feel a smile spreading across my face, 'Harry loved me. He really loved me! Thanks a lot Rori for ruining this for me!' I stepped away from the door and just leaned against the wall, falling to the floor again.


"Can we just give it a rest Lou? I feel guilty enough already." He sighed, "I'm really sorry mate. When I told her I just-" "You weren't thinking! You weren't thinking at all. You were only thinking of yourself. And only yourself." "Haz please I feel-" He started to say until we heard whimpering outside the door. "Do you hear that?" I asked getting off topic for a second. "Yeah it's coming from outside the door.." He opened the door then poke his head back in, "It's Mia. I'll let you talk to her, we can talk more later." "Mia?" I asked kneeling down in front of her, taking her hands away from her eyes, "Are you all right?" She sniffled and shook her head, "No, Rori has ruined everything for us!" I sighed and carried her into my room, shutting the door with my foot before setting her on the bed. I placed myself next to her and brushed a few strands of her black hair away from her face, "Louis ruined it for us love, he's the one who told her." "But she let her anger at Louis get the best of her. It's both their faults." She nodded, wiping a few tears from her eyes. "So what are we going to do about this? I mean Rori's about one thing.. you are a bit older than me. You're nineteen and I'm sixteen." "I love you okay Mia? That's the only thing that matters. Not Rori, not Louis, not the fans and definitely not the age, just you. And I love you." I kissed her nose and she smiled, knowing I was right.

*A/N Aww'ness! Don't you just love Mia and Harry together? I know I do! I hope you're enjoying the story so far because is plenty more drama coming and as always thank you for reading! Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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