All or Nothing

Can a simple phone call change your life? In Aurora (Rori for short) and Amelia Carter's case, it can. Rori Carter, already a household name and eighteen, gets offered a movie deal that she can't not accept. Little does she know, she's doing a movie with the famous Louis Tomlinson. Amelia, Rori's little sister, is an aspiring singer and only sixteen. To her surprise, she gets offered to collaborate with the one and only One Direction. Will these girls find love and be successful? Or will they end up getting their hearts broken with their careers falling apart with it? Give them all or nothing.


6. Off to London!


I woke up the next morning pretty early, thanks a lot three hours for international flights. I got myself ready and grabbed my suitcase and guitar case hoping to see Rori already downstairs. Sadly, not the case. I ran upstairs to her room where she was still sleeping, 'Oh dear Lord why?'. Suddenly I had a totally genius but totally evil idea. It was brilliant. I took my phone and put on a One Direction song, skipped it to Louis' part and stuck in the dock. I pressed play and the music started playing at a high volume around the room. "Something's gotta give now, 'cause I'm dyin' just to know your name. And I need you here with me now, 'cause you've got that one thing!" "What the heck?! Mia!" She yanked my phone out of the dock and threw at it me, "Why would you put girly boy on?" "Because you looove him." "As if!" She spat pulling the covers off her and heading into her bathroom. "Hurry up we leave in a half hour!" "Are you serious? Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" "Well let me see... I didn't care and you should've known we were getting up this early and set you alarm!" She rolled her eyes, "Yeah whatever. I'll be down soon." 'Soon being never'. I went downstairs again and got a bowl of cereal, since I was probably going to be sitting here for a while.

- 40 minutes later -

"RORI! GET YOUR PATHETIC SLOW ASS DOWN HERE!" I screamed up the stairs. Thank goodness mom and dad weren't here because if they were.. well they'd be yelling at me. "I'M COMING! SHUT UP!" She yelled as she came down the stairs with a massive suitcase. "What the heck?" I gestured to her suitcase. "What? If we're going to be there for a while I can't pack light." I rolled my eyes, "Whatever. Let's get going, Jeeves has been waiting for over a half hour." 'No thanks to you..' I added mentally. We got to the airport within twenty minutes and Jeeves pulled up to a private jet. "Um I thought we were flying coach?" Rori asked. "No, we're flying with that boy you like." "WHAT?!" "Yeah I didn't tell you?" "Um NO!" "Whoops!" I said opening the door and getting out. "I am so sitting the back." Rori grumbled taking her suitcase from Jeeves and handing it to the baggage handler. "Or on the wing.." I mumbled under my breath. I took my seat near the front and away from Rori and Louis. I didn't want to hear them bickering, I knew they would be because they were stuck sitting together to go over lines. I plugged my new purple Beats into my phone and cranked up the volume. "No! The line is "You're so beautiful"!" I heard Rori snap from a few rows back. All right fine, I was interested.. I turned the volume enough to hear them. "How can I say something that isn't true?" I heard Louis reply. "Ugh! I wasn't publicity and tons of money for this movie I would be quitting right now!" "Maybe you should anyway! I mean you won't get any money but you'll get tons of publicity! I can see the headline now! Auroranna Quits-" "My name is RORI!" "Whatever you really should quit though." "I'm not quitting!" I got sick of listening to them so I turned the volume up again. This was going to be a long flight.


We had been waiting at the airport for a few hours until their plane finally landed. I saw Louis get off first and he looked mad. "What's up Lou?" I asked. "Auroranna is what's wrong!" "Her name is Aurora." I corrected him. "Yeah whatever I never really cared, can we go home now?" "Not 'til the girls get here." "Ugh! I'm going to wait in the car." And with that he stomped off. 'Geez what happened to him?' I turned back to see two girls standing together going off at each other. "Why did you make me sit with him?" The taller one asked, who I assumed was Louis' costar. "I didn't! Your momager did!" "You could've sat between us!" "No I couldn't have!" "Ugh!" The taller one was next to push past me and head to the car. 'Geez what is with people and jet lag?' "I'm so sorry about her" The other girl approached me with an apologetic look in her brown eyes. "Oh that's all right, Louis' in a mood too. Let me introduce you to the rest of the boys.. Niall, Zayn, and Liam. And I'm Harry." I flashed her a smile. "Hello!" The boys said in synch. "Hi.." 'Awkward..' "Shall we get going? We probably want to get to car quick so Louis and your sister don't kill each other?" "That would be good." "For the last time! Auroranna is NOT my name!" Mia's sister screamed at Louis. "Whoops forgot!" "Oh shut up! You're just doing this on purpose now!" "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not." "UGH!" "Guys could you please stop screaming at each other? I feel like my head's going to explode!" Mia snapped at both of them. I took a seat next to Louis and glared at him, "Be nice!" my eyes told him. He just rolled his eyes and turned to face the window. All I could do is sigh, 'This was going to a long few months'.

*A/N Yo yo yo! Hope you're enjoying the story so far! :) And if you haven't already please check of my Niall fan fiction Stay! Like, comment, favorite, and fan (both of us!!)! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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