What About Love?

can't tell or it will ruin the story. sorry:(


1. How We Met

Janaes P.O.V

So I was walking down the street to my house because I just walked to seven eleven to get a slurpee because it was hot and I was thirsty, but I had to go with my older cousin who happens to be 16 which I'm 12 and it sucks so we were walking home and I bump into someone and say " I am so sorry I wasn't paying attention!", and he said the same but when I look up all I see is Austin Mahone I am such a huge fan but didn't want to show it and all I said was " Oh aren't you that austin mahone dude who got famous by youtube? ", and he said " Ya, you a fan?" " ya I'm a huge fan" "Well do you want me to sign anythin?" "Sure can you sign my purse?" " sure ya" after he signed it we both said our good byes and went on our own ways. I cach up with my cousin cuz she didn't notice I was gone and acted like nothin happened.


Thank you guys for reading this story I will be updating this story once a week until I get more readers.


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