Love at First Sight

Bailey runs away from her abusive father Tim. A boy finds her and falls in love with her. He will protect from tim no matter the cost and any other dangers. Throughout their journey bad and good memories come back to her while new ones are made. Niall and Bailey seem happy but will that last forever? And what about Charlotte and Harry will they last?


13. Chapter 13

After we left the room Liam showed us the video he got of them. When Charlotte left the room I was definitely have a talk with her. All the sudden I got a great Idea. I ran up to Niall and nearly talked him.

“We should go on a double date with Harry and Charlotte!” I nearly yelled.

Niall took a minute to regain balance and process what I said. Then we walked into the living room and sat on the couch.

“We should. But are you demanded me to go, what if I don`t want to?”

I nod, “Well I guess you will just have to deal.”

Niall scoffs and I just laugh. I feel like everything is going great and that is not how reality is supposed to be.

“But you have to have Harry ask Charlotte!” I wanted Charlotte to feel happy and think ‘well it was all Bailey’s idea so Harry doesn’t really care.’

“Okay, I will tell you what he says.” He sighs and walks away.

I sit there on the couch for a bit get up and walk to the kitchen and Charlotte is in there. I will have the talk after Harry asks her, if he does. We all go into the living room and sit down we talk for a bit then Niall and Harry walks into the room Niall nods and I smile. Harry looks nervous and I can tell he likes her.

“Hey uh Charlotte can I uh talk to you.” He scratches the back of his neck.

Charlotte nods and walks with him.



Charlotte`s POV


He walks me into the hallway and he looks nervous.

“Hi.” He sighs.

“Hi.” I let out a slight laugh.

I mean Harry Styles is nervous. I would never have thought that I would see Harry Styles nervous, especially talking to a girl, especially since I'm that girl.

“So um, I was wondering if um, you would like, um-” He says um a lot when he is nervous.

“Yes.” I interrupt.

“You didn’t even hear what I was going to ask you.” He asks.

“Yes I will go on a date with you.”

I'm hoping that was what he was going to ask because if not I will be so embarrassed.

“You will?” He seems surprised.

“Yes I will.”

“Okay but it is a double date with Niall and Bailey.”

I nod and we walk back to the living room.


*Sorry it took so long and it is super short but school is starting soon and I have a summer assignment and I have cheer, also my room is a mess so I need to do that and other housework so yeah. Thanks for reading! Love you guys so much.* 


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