Love at First Sight

Bailey runs away from her abusive father Tim. A boy finds her and falls in love with her. He will protect from tim no matter the cost and any other dangers. Throughout their journey bad and good memories come back to her while new ones are made. Niall and Bailey seem happy but will that last forever? And what about Charlotte and Harry will they last?


11. Chapter 11

*Guys im soooo sorry about not updating but i am leaving tomorrow for the mountains so i will try to write as much as i can but i do not have signal up there :( I will try to update more and more, i am posting what the characters should look like on instagram! Its ni_is_my_prince... i couldnt think of a name and now i dont wanna change it, if i do i will let you know lol okay but yah love you allll i will get back to the story.*


Baileys POV

Charlotte and I got into a snowball fight with the boys, 2 girls against 5 guys is so not fair. When we were done with our snowball fight we went inside and all sat around the fireplace snuggled up in all the blankets we could find.

"I am going to go make hot chocolate." I said.

"I will help you!" Cgarlotte replied.

Charlotte followed me to the kitchen. Neither one of us knew where anything was so we just searched all the cabinets. We found it in no time and made seven cups of hot chocolate. We returned to the living room and the boys ran up to us. Charlotte stood infront of me and the tray. All the boys gave her puppy faces and she laughed.

"Be gentleman and sit down if you want your hot chocolate." Charlotte scolded.

They all laughed and sat back down in their spots so me and Charlotte gave them their cups.

Niall broke the silence, "We are going to go our house back in London soon, we are leaving in three days."

"Okay well I am going to go to bed, where should I sleep?" Charlotte asks.

"Uhm, you can stay in my room with me. I mean only if you want to." Harry replies.

This is the first time I have ever seen Harry nervous. Well except when we were together he was nervous every now and then. She nodded and Harry smiled in excitement. He left with Charlotte.

"Well I am going to go to bed to, goodnight everyone." I say.

They all get up too and go to bed. I lay down in bed and look at Niall. Last time he slept on the floor so I pat the bed next to me. He smiles and lays down. As I fall asleep I feel his arm rap around my waist. I smiled even though I knew he couldn't see me. I just wish everyday could be like today and nothing would change.


*Guys sosososo sorry the chapter is so short but I wrote it quickly to make sure i updated before i left for vacation but love you guys so much!! and Thanks sosososo much!!*

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