Love at First Sight

Bailey runs away from her abusive father Tim. A boy finds her and falls in love with her. He will protect from tim no matter the cost and any other dangers. Throughout their journey bad and good memories come back to her while new ones are made. Niall and Bailey seem happy but will that last forever? And what about Charlotte and Harry will they last?


6. Can We Go Home Now

Bailey's POV
I woke up with my head on Harry's chest. Harry was asleep, I could tell by the way he was breathing. There was another patient in there but the curtain was up so i didn't know who. I decided not to worry. The nurse came in she she had no expression on her face. "He didn't make it im sorry." She said. I broke down, Harry was crying too. "Can I at least see Niall?" I asked. "Oh, I'm sorry I wrong patient. Niall's right here." She pulled back the curtain next to me. Niall was laying there asleep looking like and angel. Harry had the funniest look on his face. He had an angry, happy, shocked, and surprised look on his face, it was hilarious. I napped for a few hours then i woke up to see Niall and Harry having a conversation. Niall saw i was awake and his face lit up like a christmas tree. I smiled at him, he smiled back. "You need to stay here overnight and then you can go home" Harry said to both of us. I nodded. "Wait. Has anyone told Zayn, Liam, and Louis?" Harry and Niall looked at eachother then looked back at me and shook there head. "I will call them." Harry stated. He walked out of the room to call the boys. I felt like I knew Harry from somewhere, i just needed to figure it out. Harry walked back in the room and said, "The boys are on there way. And somethings going on here, i mean your dad just doesnt come into a hospital trying to kill you." Niall looked over to me and i nodded, "I'll tell you and the boys when they get here." Harry nodded and left the room to wait for the boys. The doctor put our beds next to eachother and made one bed. Niall held my hand as we just stared into eachother's eyes. We were about to kiss when Zayn burst the door open and said "Vas Happening?" We quickly looked away and laughed at Zayn's joke. I watched a lot of One Direction funny moments after to learn more about them. Niall told them the story and they all just sat there jaw dropped eyes wide and just the most shocked look ever. They all looked at me with sympathy i smiled a smile to say 'thanks'. The boys stayed here with us overnight and we all fell asleep tired and wanting to go home.

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