Love at First Sight

Bailey runs away from her abusive father Tim. A boy finds her and falls in love with her. He will protect from tim no matter the cost and any other dangers. Throughout their journey bad and good memories come back to her while new ones are made. Niall and Bailey seem happy but will that last forever? And what about Charlotte and Harry will they last?


8. All My Fault

Harrys POV

When Bailey ran to her room i was so confused, why did she run off like that when i made eye contact with her. I felt bad, like this is all my fault but I cant seem to remember what I might have done. I decided to go up to her room but I would do it in the morning considering not even Niall can get in right now. I went to my room and fell asleep.
I woke up to a silent house so i quietly snook over to Niall's room. Well it's Bailey's room too now. When I got to her room I heard her crying so I quietly knocked on the door. I heard her unlock the door and when she opened it I looked into her eyes filled with tears. Memories came flooding back into my mind. I stood there in shock she looked so different, so did I. "I'm so sorry." I whispered and then started running I left the house and just kept running I didn't know where too but I just ran and ran.



Baileys POV

I could tell that Harry was remembering what happened by how he just stood there. I heard him whisper "I'm so sorry." Then he just ran off. I was worried about him so I tried to follow but I couldn't because of the boot on my leg/foot. I just sat in my room again and cried thinking it was all my fault.


Sorry for the short chapter!!!

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