Tourin With 1D!

My name is Alli Jones and I love to sing. My principal thought I should go on XFactor,so that's what I did. Who knew I'd be touring with THE One Direction?


1. Talent Show

Alli's POV

I was right about to go on for my schools talent show. I was going to be singing Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift. I began singing when in the middle some people started clapping and standing up,while others aka the bullies and snobs staring screaming and saying "OW! My ears!"

I finished the song and said my thanks then walked backstage. They were about to announce the winner when my principal came over to me. "Hello Ms. Jones" he said, "Hi Mr Storks,what can I do for you?" I asked. "Nothing really. Have you ever thought about auditioning for Xfactor? You have an amazing voice." He said. And with that he walked away. I thought to  myself about what he just said. I mean I am bullied way to much and my voice isn't that good. Should I try out?

Mr.Storks walked onstage holding the envelope that contained the name of the winner. He opened it and said "Wow! This isn't a surprise. The winner is....Ms.Alli Jones!!" Did I just really win. I ran onstage and people started clapping except for Cindy the schools mean girl,she stood up and yelled "BOO!" I smiled and thanked everyone and took the trophy. Maybe I should try out on Xfactor...

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