Tourin With 1D!

My name is Alli Jones and I love to sing. My principal thought I should go on XFactor,so that's what I did. Who knew I'd be touring with THE One Direction?


6. Ed and I Sing "One NIght"

Alli's POV


I was sitting on my bed in the hotel room while the boys were swimming. I was writing a song in my notebook. When Ed said One Night it stuck out to me. I was writing down the lyrics and the words just poured out of me and onto my paper. I got my favorite guitar who's name happens to be Ed. Hehe.. I started strumming and singing.

She'd been unlucky in love

only of few had come around

to make her care just enough

to care the day it all go wrong

and she'd smile for everyone

but each night she'd look out

her bedroom window and daydream about

One Night

when all of her luck would change

and her life would never be the same

feel the fire of a higher force

trade a pick up truck for a white horse

One Night

when all of those boys before

who said she was the type they weren't ready for

would all be stones in the road

leading right

to that One Night

That's all I wrote down for now. I heard clapping and looked up. "That was great Al!"

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