Me (Josh Cuthbert Journal)

Me Just Me everything about Me and what is going on in my life...*Roleplay*


2. Entry 2#

Dear, Journal

Yeah i'm not going to stop saying dear journal...I've Made up my mind on that. So yeah Drama is not going to be covered in this Journal! I Have Decided that too! But whatever, I said I would talk about Myself (Joshina) and the Fab Three (Zaynisha, Austina and Myself Joshina), So yeah explaining time Yo, but Im not only going to explain what the Fab three are Im going to also Show what we all look like! Isn't that just Amazing! So okay the story of the Fab Three! So We were at a little chat, and the girls wanted to go Baby Shopping! But the only thing about that is Boy's weren't allowed. Yeah the three of us (Zayn, Austin and myself) thought it was BS cause we wanted to go so we decided, That we were girls. So as we told them we were girls they asked us where our boobs were and things like that, So we decided to stick a weave on and make some Fake boobs! So yeah We were chicks We just needed Chick names...




Yeah I know stupid but effective! We still weren't allowed to go, but we kept the names so yeah The Fab Three and the Fab...1...2...3...4..5...6 God I don't know how many there are but its the girls group. Yeah Ill ask again Later... Wait didn't I say I would post Pictures? Oh Yeah I did....



Myself Joshina

Yes they are other celebrity's but we took their faces haha Calm your Pants! So now that I told you who we are can I go to the thing I was gonna write? Thank You! Okay so I had to go down to the Doctor Yesterday *Out Of RP* Because They had some of my brother's stuff, They thought I would want it....but you know what he was such a hoarder! I know have His Phone, 6 differant Varsity Jackets, A pair of Orange Converse (Which I am going to NOT wear that would be weird if I wore them eh) and 15 different phone cases. Funny thing is he didn't have any other clothes...That scares me...But you never know the Hospital might have given that to my mom or dad...but whatever. I'm going through his phone and seeing all of the pics he took of himself and I, it kida hits me. It makes me think like WOW What if I never see my big brother again?  and then I just broke down. I was Crying and Screaming I even hit the wall once or twice. Yes My Hand Hurts like Hell know! Okay so this may sound weird but after I was done Crying and Screaming and everything I decided I needed to sleep or Take a nap because as some of you know I stayed up half the night yesterday and probably will for the rest of the summer :/ Oh My God So off topic, but okay when I fell asleep I saw him in my dream I SWEAR I AM NOT LYING HERE! I saw him and ran to him I was happy! I hugged him but he just pushed me away like he used to do when he was about to lecture me. I looked up at him and he gave me a weird smile before sitting down, I did the same and he grabbed my hands, before finally speaking. "Stop." Yes he said stop! That pissed me off! "Just stop! Your going to see me again so perk the fuck up!" Yes I'm serious he said Fuck! "But I don't want to!" Yes we had an argument. "Fine Than you won't see this sexy face again!" And with that he stood up and Started walking away! I ran after him and said sorry and BOOM I was awake, okay I may not have made this clear but after I said sorry He said I would see him someday. Okay So know I can see even through Death My Brother is still Majorly Stupid and still Thinks he's sexy! But I kinda thought All night about what I was going to do so I decided "OMG WHY NOT WRITE LETTERS TO MY DEAD BROTHER EVEN THOUGH HE WILL NEVER SEE THEM!" Yeah Im so smart! but okay basically what I'm trying to say is if you see some weird thing on one of my entries Like at the top it might Say Dear Brandon, Then yeah I was to lazy to write it on paper. So thats my entry to you my beautiful Journal! I will see you soon! Oh wait and Guess What I'm Getting you a new cover its GONNA BE FAB! Omg im talking to my Journal....I've finally gone Crazy...I'm Just gonna go now...



"Im gonna pick up the pieces and Build a Lego house, If things go wrong we can knock it down."

~Ed Sheeran

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