Me (Josh Cuthbert Journal)

Me Just Me everything about Me and what is going on in my life...*Roleplay*


1. Entry 1#

Dear, Journal

Haha did you like what I did there? Well back to my writing. I never really liked to write but I guess this is a good way to show my emotions...Because people only see me for one Emotion...Happy... Yeah I'm not always the Happy Dorky me, I get depressed.Okay so I know this is Crazy but I took the Song Miss.Jackson as a song made for me... I think Miss.Jackson as my Depression, like in the song its says 

Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning?
Out the back door
But I love her anyway
I love her anyway

I thought of them as basically saying, My depression can come at anytime and it can leave at anytime, but I can't live without my depression. I don't know if that is even logical but hey its how I take the song. I think I would just love to go a day without it though to be honest. I know people see my Depression sometimes because when I hold it all in it turns into rage and it comes out when tiny things happen that might make me just a bit angry. I know Danielle, Ashley, Jade, Anna and Austin saw it last night. I just can't control it much. I really just want to suffer in silence but no! The Depressed Ghetto Girl Side of me is like "Girl Imma Kill everyone!" Yes I called my depressed side a girl because my friends Called me Joshina, Ill say everything about that some other day. But I think I just needed to talk about the Depression I've had for a while. It all started when my brother *Out of Rp* Died...He was the only person who ever really payed attention to me. He wasn't just my brother he was my Best Friend...He's also the guy that showed me One  Direction and Panic at the Disco...Thats why I'm in love with both bands...So I can keep a peice of him with me and because they both are AWESOME bands...But yeah Depression is my worst Enemy...We battle everyday and sometimes when I let my guard down She wins and snaps on people... Thanks for listening I'm glad I got to let that out. Oh and I saw in Anna's Diary that she had quotes so here we go Quotes!



"No one knows it's you Miss Jackson Found another victim..."

-Brendon Urie Panic! at the Disco


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