North Heights

Mary Dean is 17 years old and she's cast for the new tv-show North Heights( a tv show about lots of drama, what happened in and out school). She plays the lovely Anna-Sophie van de Reep. Her mom is not supportive about this job and her dad is million miles away from them. Her little brother also has a part on North Heigts as a son/little brother of someone.


1. The Part That Changed My Life

'Mom, can you call Ryan', I scream, Ryan is my best friend since Kindergarden, he hasn't changed that lot, but he's tall, he stop growing. His length now is 6'1". But my mom says that I couldn't audition for North Heights, but I wanted it so badly, so she did it. Actaully my agent let me go.


'I called Ryan', my mom says.

'Okay, when is he comig over?', I say, we always have a sort of movie night with just the two of us.

'He's coming at 8 o'clock, I must get just for a party, you can watch your little brother', my mom says.

'Okay, I do that'. I don't like my little brother he is really irritaiting,he turned 11, last summer and he is 5'7", he's pretty tall too. I'm the oldest and I think mom is pregnant again, because she has a really big belly.


The door bell rings, I open the door.

'Hey Ryan', I say.

'Oh, hey, Mary', He says.

We go upstairs.

'Which movie shall we see now?', I say.

'Oh, before that, I want you to say one thing, Mary Karin Saphira Dean , I love you so much, not as a friend, more as a crush or girlfriend, do you like me too', Ryan says.

'Ryan, I feel flatterd but I only like you as a friend, sorry, don't feel bad', I say.

'I understand, but yeah we're like BFF's, so I'm fine', Ryan says.

'Ryan , shall we see the movie now?', I ask.

'Oh yeah, right, I brought New Year's Eve and The Hunger Games', Ryan says.

'I want to see New Year's Eve', Isay.

'Alright' Ryan says.

He put the disc in the dvd and then my phone rings.

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