The One Who Wasn't Chosen

The propechy clearly states that the heir of Holden Din would save our world from The Jacks.

Katerina Enstire works for Cole Din, the heir of Holden Din. Katerina knows, he's supposed to save the world. But, he obviously won't. He's too selfish, too full of himself to acutally do anything. As Cole "stays oblivious" to the world that doesn't revolve around him, that world gets worse. People protest, and die within seconds. The Jacks are becoming more and more angry. But what can Katerina do? She isn't the Chosen One.

A/N: OK, so I don't know if I can keep this story up, so if I don't finish it, and if you like it, you can have it. ONLY IF I SAY IT IS OK! Thanks! Make sure you tell me what you think!


8. Chapter 8

My hands were tied to the back of a chair. I was looking at a mirror. But, it wasn't actually a mirror, it was a one way window. I know this because there is a small light on the inside and everything is slightly visible. I can also hear talking, but it is very quiet. It's like when someone next to you is whispering, but you can still kinda hear them. I've been here for almost a week and no one has come in to see me. I'm weak from not having been fed and not having fluids. 

I heard a creak come from the door to my left. My head whipped to the direction from which it came, but nothing followed. I looked back to the mirror. I don't think they'll come back for me. They'll just let me starve to death, maybe die of thirst. Then, they'll let me sit here and rot, until I become nothing but an empty skeleton. I now greet death with open arms. 

NO! STOP IT! It's just the dehydration, maybe the starvation.

Why continue when everything seems so hopeless? 

You can fight this! Just, don't let go. 

Pleading doesn't help, I've made my decision.

STOP! You can't do this! 

Who's to say I can't?


Then the endless war in my head started. Just when the sickness looked to be winning, the logic pushed back. When it seemed the logic was winning, the sickness fought harder. But, it seemed more that the two were repeating. Then the world started to turn, but I wasn't moving. The world zoomed in and out of focus, but I am not a camera. Then my brain, in a way, turned itself off.




I've lost track of how long it's been, I slept for what felt like days. That's all I can really do, sleep. There is nothing else to do. I think that the rope on my hands gets tighter with every movement, because it feels like the rope has cut into my skin. I haven't heard a sound since the door creak. If I don't get anything soon, my organs will start to fail. I think that the sickness is starting to win. And the logic isn't fighting back.



I was about to drift off into what felt like a sleep I would never wake up from when someone burst into my room. I gathered all my strength to turn my head. A sight for sore eyes he was, considering I hadn't seen anyone for what felt like years. It was Mason, well, I think it was. My eyesight has been fading, but from what I don't know. 

"Kat!" Mason quietly exclaimed. I made seven muscles move to smile, since it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown. But, I was happy to see him. He pulled out something I couldn't see and walked to me. "You have to eat." Then he put food in my mouth. He helped me chew, but I had to swallow. Food felt good and I wanted to eat for days. Then Mason pulled out a plastic container filled with water. He eased the water into my mouth. 

Let's get something straight; I did not make a full recovery right then and there. That's impossible. That would be a miracle, something we don't have.

Mason then cut the rope binding my hands together. I brought my hands up where I could see them and noticed the red gashes on my wrists. I felt a pressure lift from my ankles and realized there were ropes on my legs, too. 

"Can you stand?" Mason asked. I looked to him. I wanted to speak, I just couldn't find my voice. "Can you speak?" He walked over to me and lifted me up, cradling me. 

I found my voice long enough to say,"Thank you." Then, I was out like a light. 



I felt my head throbbing. It hurt, like something was banging on the inside of my skull. I opened my eyes and scoped my surroundings. I wasn't in Cole's mansion, but I was defiantly in a big house. I saw Mason hoovering over me, holding a bowl. 

"Hey, you're awake!" he said. I heard the shuffling of a few pairs of feet, and I saw Flora and Chase. 

"Nice to see those green eyes open," Flora said. I laughed a weak laugh. 

"What's that bowl?" I asked, my voice barley audible.

"It's food. We've been nursing you back to health," Chase said.

"More like Mason has," Flora mumbled. 

"Where are we?" I inquired.

"At Mason's," Chase said. Mason spooned some slop in my mouth, then gave me water. This cycle continued until I fell asleep.


It took me weeks to fully recover, and even then I'm still a little wobbly. I walk and everything, but I'm confined to Mason's house, mostly because I'm wanted. Just so you know; there are some people who- even in the midst of everything- don't want the government to change. Some people just don't care. Some people are just tired from all the war. I personally don't understand how they're fine with being robbed and then asked for more. 

Mason, Flora, Chase, and I were watching the news when my face came up. 

"Katerina Enstire, wanted. This person has committed a crime against the government and almost killed a Jack. Please phone 823 to report."

"Rubbish," I snapped.

"Look, they're just trying to get you wanted by the public," Mason said.

"Thanks, Captain Obvious," Flora said. 

"They don't even mention how they almost killed me."

"They kill people everyday, you really think you're an exception?" Chase said.

"Thanks for the negativity," Mason said.

"It's been negative in here since we turned on the TV!" Chase retorted. 

"Shut up!" Everyone turned to me. "Look, it's no use fighting over it. It's just stupid, K?"


Nothing happens most days. But, one day, it wasn't like that. The Jacks came. They knew I'd be hiding with my friends. 

"Can we see Katerina?" Alec asked from downstairs. I was looking down on the whole thing, hiding in a plant. 

"She isn't here," Mason lied.

"You're very brave," Crispin said. 

"How am I brave?" Mason snapped.

"You're lying to us. We aren't stupid. Give us Katerina and we'll go." 


"Because we own you." Crispin then looked straight in my direction. "She's upstairs." 

I sat there, frozen. Closer. I didn't know what to do. Closer. My life is at risk, again. Closer. By now, I didn't have any choice. They stood there, right in front of me. I stood, faced them, and fell backwards.




Mason has the quickest reflexes. He caught me inches above the ground. He set me down, but they were still coming. 

"We're gonna die," Mason said.

"I know," I replied.

"What do we do?"

I faced him. "Run." We ran out of the house and onto the field of grass in front of the mansion. We ran to the side of the house and hid under a set of stairs. We were much too fast for the rest of them, with Mason's whole job circling around running and my running everywhere. They didn't find us, but we didn't move from our spot. We waited until the trucks left and then about another hour. 

When we got back inside, Crispin was sitting there, waiting for us.

"You are elusive people," Crispin said. "That is something we look for in our... society. But, you two are dangerous. You know too much. And you live with rich people, which gives you more freedom, more power."

"You are selfish people. You kill people everyday. Why do you even stay in control? You have everything," I said. 

"I enjoy the screams of the people who die. I love the sound of the sobs when people find their loved ones dead. I get a certain thrill in killing, the only kind of thing I live for. The others want to make all the land on this planet theirs, I'm in it for the murder."

Suddenly, Crispin fell. When he did, behind him stood Chase with a pan. 

"That shut him up," Mason laughed. I let out a nervous laugh.

"What should we do?" Chase asked. 

"We should kill him," Mason said.

"We should give him the hell he gave me," I said.


"Tie him to a chair with rope. And make sure you tie it tight. Then put him in a room with nothing but a light, a door, and a one way window."

"That's what he did?" Chase asked.



Once we tied up Crispin, Mason and Chase went to bed. Flora stayed up reading a book next to me. As for me, I watched Crispin as he woke up. He always just screamed. He didn't really do anything else for the first hour or so. Then he gave up and let his head droop. I fell asleep after that. 



We constantly checked on Crispin, we watched as the color drained from his face, as he grew weak. I didn't enjoy watching as he slowly lost his mind. Everyday, he seemed farther and farther away, not stopping to look back. 


In all of four weeks, Crispin was gone. When he died, we took him in a boat down to the lake and sent him off on the vessel, burning. None of us talked, we just watched. It hit me as we were watching him float away; I killed him.

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