The One Who Wasn't Chosen

The propechy clearly states that the heir of Holden Din would save our world from The Jacks.

Katerina Enstire works for Cole Din, the heir of Holden Din. Katerina knows, he's supposed to save the world. But, he obviously won't. He's too selfish, too full of himself to acutally do anything. As Cole "stays oblivious" to the world that doesn't revolve around him, that world gets worse. People protest, and die within seconds. The Jacks are becoming more and more angry. But what can Katerina do? She isn't the Chosen One.

A/N: OK, so I don't know if I can keep this story up, so if I don't finish it, and if you like it, you can have it. ONLY IF I SAY IT IS OK! Thanks! Make sure you tell me what you think!


3. Chapter 3

A/N: I' m gonna try to make this story go on as long as possible, so be prepared for possible long story. Also, I'm gonna get a new Sims game so I will try to get as much writing done as possible. Also also, I don't know if I'm gonna make this a romance, so don't be surprised if there is some.. THX! ^-^




I lay in bed, thinking about what I said earlier. You know, about taking Cole's place.  I lay there, just debating weather it's a good idea. A knock sounded from my door, making my heart skip a beat. 

"Yes?" I asked. I was pretty sure it was Cole, about 95% sure. But that other 5% nagged me. 

"May we come in?" Cole asked. We? Who's we

"Uh..." I hesitated. Who else is their. I guess I don't have a choice. "Yeah." And in came the beautiful people whom rule our government. I'm being sarcastic. The Jacks are like.... a gang. Imagine a gang running the government.

Little back story for you. Back before The War, we had a sound government. Unemployment; zero. Everything was perfect. Except for, of course, there were some people who didn't like the rulers. A.K.A, The Jacks. They just didn't like the people, not what they did. So, they waged war. You'd think that the government would win, you are obviously wrong. The Jacks are... persuasive. They got so many people to think that the government was lying. That the government was killing off the innocent. All lies, and only after the previous government was defeated did everyone realize they'd been lied to. 

The Jacks are kinda like dictators, except in a bigger group. There are seven of them. Four men and three women. The four men are Crispin, Kai, Cyrus, and Alec. Kai is the youngest and Alec is the oldest of the four. The three women are Fatin, Adelina, and Beatrix. Fatin is the youngest and Beatrix is the oldest. When I say oldest, I mean like 30 to 40 years old and youngest I mean like 20 to 25. They aren't exactly ancient. 

"Katerina, is it?" Alec asked in a polished voice. I nodded. "Hmmm, nice name."

"What do you want?" I asked as kindly as possible. 

"We want to talk," Adelina said. The women seemed nicer, but I wasn't taking any chances. 

"About?" I pressed. My confidence was slowly building, but I wasn't going to get too comfortable. 

"About the Vaxes. They seemed to have gained more confidence. They believe that Cole will.. destroy us. Cole has assured us that he won't. But, we wanted to ask, did you in any way help the Vaxes? Please be honest," Cyrus explained. 

"Why would I help scum like them?" I lied. Crispin, who was sitting right in front of me, leaned in close and stared at my eyes. I kept my eyes on him, knowing he was looking for a weakness. The Jacks have a weakness, though. They know how to lie, but they don't know how to look for a liar. 

"We might come back tomorrow, just to clue you in. We can't have the Vax come to you at all," I heard Beatrix explained to Cole. Someone tapped Crispin, most likely to tell him to lay off. My eyes didn't move off Crispin, he seemed way too interested in me. 

"Good day to you," Alec said. They left my room and Cole followed. There was something defiantly wrong. And I'm going to figure it out. 

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