The One Who Wasn't Chosen

The propechy clearly states that the heir of Holden Din would save our world from The Jacks.

Katerina Enstire works for Cole Din, the heir of Holden Din. Katerina knows, he's supposed to save the world. But, he obviously won't. He's too selfish, too full of himself to acutally do anything. As Cole "stays oblivious" to the world that doesn't revolve around him, that world gets worse. People protest, and die within seconds. The Jacks are becoming more and more angry. But what can Katerina do? She isn't the Chosen One.

A/N: OK, so I don't know if I can keep this story up, so if I don't finish it, and if you like it, you can have it. ONLY IF I SAY IT IS OK! Thanks! Make sure you tell me what you think!


1. Chapter 1


"Look, I'm the Chosen One. You are just a piece of sh-" Cole got cut off bye Mason, the messenger.

"Sorry, am I interrupting?" Mason asked kindly. "I can come back lat-"

"It's fine. What do you want?"

"Um... I have a message for Kat." 

"Who's Kat?" Cole questioned. He is so stupid. Mason is obviously talking about me!

"Oh, sorry. I mean, Katerina," Mason said. Cole shoved me toward Mason and walked to the kitchen. Probably to get another whiskey. 

"What is it?" I asked. I never get messages, why would someone want to talk to me? I'm just Cole's servant, slave, whatever. 

"I just needed an excuse to talk to you," Mason said. Classic Mason, putting his job on the line for me. There is nothing going on between us, though. 

"Well, here I am."

"The death rates are higher."

"By how much?" I have an interest in what is going on outside Cole's mansion. Cole doesn't do anything, even though he's the Chosen One.

"200 people more than yesterday. They need Cole. Or someone for that matter," Mason scoffed. 

"Cole won't do anything. He just likes the attention and money he gets. He tells people he needs more money for weapons, just so that if the Jacks win, he can buy their love," I said. This is more than I usually say. 

"Wow," Mason said. His watch beeped. "I have to go. I'll see you later."

"Bye." Mason ran out the door, not because he's scared, because he has a job. 

"Katrina!" Cole yelled. I knew he was talking to me, but I decided not to notice. Cole stormed into the living space. "Katrina!"

"Are you talking to me?" I asked.

"Don't smart ass me. I was calling you," Cole sneered. 

"My name is Katerina," I said. Cole came up to me and pulled me so close I could smell the alcohol from his breath. 

"Look, you work for me, so you do what I say. Once the Jacks win whatever this is, I'm throwing you out." He shoved me back, causing me to fall. He stumbled to his bed chamber, almost falling going up the stairs. He always has too much to drink. 

Whenever he's drunk, I sneak out to go see my friends. So, I see them often. I walked down to Flora's house, which is where we always meet. "We" is me, Mason, Flora, Chase, and Pandora. Everyone got there after me and Flora, most likely because I live two minuets away from her. 

Flora is tall and lanky, with golden hair and blue eyes. She works as a professional painter and is one of the smartest people I know. Mason is average and has great legs from running. He has brown hair and chocolate eyes. All of my friends are smart, just to clear that up. We also all work for the wealthy, so we don't really see the protests.

Chase is from the mountains and got a job as a manager for one of the richest people alive. Chase has really blond hair and blue eyes. He is shorter than Mason, but taller than me. Then, we have Pandora. She is tall, but not lanky. She is very graceful and works as ballerina for the wealthy kids. She has red hair and brown eyes. And, last but not least, me(Katerina, if you didn't know). I'm short and have black hair. I have green eyes and, as you know work for the Chosen One. 

We always just talk and play games when we get together. We mostly talk about the state of the world and how much of  a butt Cole is. When I got home, Cole was waiting for me.

"Where have you been?!" Cole yelled. The fury in his eyes was small, so I knew that it wasn't that big of a deal.

"I had to go get groceries, but the store wasn't open. Then I got held up by the protests. That's where I've been," I lied. 

"Fine. But, don't leave again," Cole ordered. "Go to sleep." I went up stairs to my bed chamber and fell asleep, not knowing things could get worse, but better at the same time.


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