Darkest Hour (harry styles fanfiction)

Miley was an innocent girl thats is just moving from the states to the uk , when she starts in a new school and the bad boy of her school is everywhere and sending her deathly glares. what will miley do about it ?

Its simiar to dark so yea..hope you guys like it its my first movella ..


4. why ?

"What the hell?!" I yelled at him his eyes got dark and he pushed me and my back hit the wall "rule one ,dont fucking yell at me" he slapped me across my face and second he deserves it for touching what's mine , ill see you tomorrow love" he whispered and kissed my forehead i stayed quiet and i heard the front door close i looked at my face it was red and you can see the handprint . Then i covered it up with foundation and went outside to look for niall i waked around the block looking for him abd i walked to the park and sat on a swing. I heardwhimpering from a dark alley and the nosy person i am i checked it out 4 guys were surrounding one boy . I looked to see who it was..its niall !! Who's surrounding him ? Wait i know those curls anywhere i just stayed quiet and listened what they were saying i heard Harry's voice "you know not to touch whats mine and im here just to re-teach you the lesson i thought you today " he said with danger in his voice. "Please don't hurt me" i heard niall whimper if fear then i hear someone fall on the ground and kicking i looked the four of them are kicking nial !? I had enough of them hurting niall because of me "STOP" i yelled they all turned and looked at me with surprise i pushed past them and crouch down next to niall who is now bleedinh from his nose "im sorry" i whispered a tear escaped my eye "dobt worry about it im fine" he said trying to cath his breath i looked at all of them with anger "you guys are some sick bastards" i said picking niall up with my hands he was to heavy so i put she arn behind me neck nd help him get up when i was walking to leave i felt some hands grabbing niall and throwing him on the floor and continued kicking "No STOP IT"!! i yelled with tears in my eyes the way they were hurting niall was the same way they killed my dad. . Harry walked towards me and hugged me i pushed him from me and went runninh to niall and the other boys until i felt some large hands on my waist that pulled me back "behave!" Harry yelled i didnt stop moving then i heard him say "zayn pass me the cloth"! Then after that i blacked out . SO WHAT YOU THINK .. SHOULD I CONTINUE SHOUD I UPATDE !? Tell me in the comment box cx k bye (: Sorry its short and it sucked
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