Darkest Hour (harry styles fanfiction)

Miley was an innocent girl thats is just moving from the states to the uk , when she starts in a new school and the bad boy of her school is everywhere and sending her deathly glares. what will miley do about it ?

Its simiar to dark so yea..hope you guys like it its my first movella ..


2. styles

Mileys P.O.V * RIIING RIING * "really!?" I punched my alarm and got up .my first day of school woud be interesting. I got up and went to my closet and choose what i was going to wear i decided with a blue flowery flowy top and a green cardigan and some demin shorts and some cream sandas from forever 21 i got my backpack and phone and went downsairs to see a rather happy mom. "Morning sunshine, you exited?" "Uh you can say that" i said grabbing an Apple "want me to drive you hun?" "No thanks mom ill walk" i smiled at her "okay be careful i wont be home after school ill be looking for a job okay hun" "okay ill see you later mom" "bye sunshine" "bye mom" so i left and was walking down the sidewalk and then i feel someone's back on my face when i realize i bumped in to someone "s-sorry" "its okay wait..i never seen you before are you new around here"? Said a blond boy with a thick irish accent . "Yeah i just moved 2 days ago" "oh well my names niall" he took out his and from his pocket and held it infront of him for ne to shake it i shaked his hand "im miley" "nice to meet you miley" said niall with a smile "well lets get going shall we"? "Yeah we should" and we just walked together andtalked and learned about each other little by little. We got to school grounds we were here early so there weren't alot of people here then a thin girl with light brown hair and brown eyes came and ran to niall and i . "Hey niall " ! She half yelled and hugged niall then looked at me "oh julie this is miley , miley this is julie ." "Hey girl" and she pulled me into a hug and pulled away "hi" i saud shyly and then all of a sudden every one on school grounds go quiet . "Why's everyone quiet all of a sudden"? I whispered to niall "those are the baddest kids in school they been in jail and have fights you shouldn't get involved with them" theres were 4 guys one with a buzz cut and brown hair and another one with jet black hair and honey brown eyes and another one with a side quiff and brown hair and a mop of curls that looked familiar... oh my gosh its that guy from the mall ! I just glared at him and studied his face then he turned and caught me looking at him he just stared at me for about 2 minutes then i guess he realized who i was and just gave a a scary glare and looked away . I guess niall noticed and looked at me "miley..douyou know him"? He said with a shaky voice "no..no i dont" we went walking to the school door where the bad boys were standing i was getting uncomfortable walking past them i felt they're eyes on me we were almost in the school abd halfway pass theyre group . Then i suddenly feel a tug on my denim shorts i turned around seeing a smirking curly haired mop just smirking i was actually scared of that smirk i followed niall and julie to my locker and we were all neighbors wich made me glad and the bell rung i had english i went upstairs and went inside the classroom and saw an old lady she smiled at me and said "you must be miley" she smiled "yes i am" i smile and looked at the class "hmm..you can sit in that empty table" i walked all the way to the back of the classroomand sat down im getting my binder out and pencil for class when i hear the door slam open "mr styles your late again.." he just ignored her and looked for an empty seat his etes were scanning for a seat and he saw me and smirked and was walking towards my table and sat down i moved my chair away from gis but he just pulled my chair closer . I felr his eyes on me the whole time i couldn't concentrate the bell rang and every one got up and left so did that styles kid . Hes sk scary i got my stuff and left to my next class then i feel a hand on my arm pulling me into a closet and then im pinned to a wall and it was that harry kid he looked at me with anger in his eyes and he whispers in my ear "yiu kicked me last time love.. and for that you need to get punished i can feel him smirking. What? What does he mean punishment! ? Helloooooo (: i made this chapter a bit long so yea enjoy sorry it sucks it'll get better promise (: xx 
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