Darkest Hour (harry styles fanfiction)

Miley was an innocent girl thats is just moving from the states to the uk , when she starts in a new school and the bad boy of her school is everywhere and sending her deathly glares. what will miley do about it ?

Its simiar to dark so yea..hope you guys like it its my first movella ..


7. please stop

He had a tight grip on my wrists while he had them above my head . "Since you been a bad little girl you need to get punished love " he said darkly and scary and with that he flipped me over my stomach on his legs and he starded to spank me hard . I cried and tried to push him off of me but couldn't why why me ? "Harry !! Stop it hurts" i cried he looked at me with dark eyes they didn't look emerald green any more they looked dark and gloomy he pushed me gripped my waist tightly and he raped me.. after that he got up and left i was a virgin and i just got raped.. why !? Is this happening to me ? I starded thinking in my head i was very tired so i suddenly fell asleep *Next Day* i was awoken by Harryknocking on my door and came in my room i was bruised on my side and hips because of harrys grip . I was hurting all over my body and he sat on the corner of my bed and said ill be gone for an hour im doing an errand and i have someone to come take care of you while im gone "come in " he said then tge door opened and a buff guy came in "miley this isandrew , andrew this is miley" "hello" he said all i did was nod and harry kissed my forehead and left andrew just looked at me and said "ill be outside your door " then he left i wanted to get up bit it hurted my sides ached but i got up anyway and walked outside the door "where are you going"? Asked andrew while getting up from his chair that was next to my door "i need to pee" i said all he did was nod and i limped to the restroom and looked in the mirror i looked okay then i lift my shirt up to see purple and blue bruises all over my body poked my bruise and winced it hurt so bad and i put my hair in a messy bun and got out the restroom andrew wasent there anymore so i decided to go outside in the garden "this is my garden , love" it was Harry's voice "its beautiful harry" i heard a female voice "not as beautiful as you" then i look to see a red head and harry kissing he had his hand around her waist and his hand squeezing her bum her hands were rapped around his neck i went inside as quickly as i could and heard them come my way i got in just in time and limped as fast as i could to my room and i saw andrew looking for me "where have you been!?" "I went outside" he just pushed me in my room and locked it i sighed and wondered why harry was kissing that girl and why am i here . Then i hear my door open and the redhead from earlier was hand in hand with harry they looked at me and i just ignored them and asked "what do you want?" I said harshly he chukled "dont talk to us like that if you know whats good for you " i just sighed "this is my girlfriend lola" "lola this is miley my slave " said harry i just burried my head in my arms they just looked at me with disgust and left "i hate this" then i hear harry say good bye and hear steps coming up to my room and he came in and looked at me with anger "What The Hell Was That" !? He yelled at me i got scared and looked at the ground "look ag me" he yelled i looked up slowly to wear he was and he pushed me and the wall hit my back really hard "Dont disrespect me and my girlfriend" ! He yelled and left i cried and cried and went in the restroom and found harrys razor i took out the blade and cut my wrist it felt great so i kept the blade and went into my roo, the days past by i would cut and cuf every time lola and harry have been mean wich means i cut every day . I been working on a plan to escape but i just dont know when.. being raped and treated like shit is the worst and i really want to escape mayne ill cll julie to help me out since she fancies zayn and zayn fancies her they coud help..
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