Darkest Hour (harry styles fanfiction)

Miley was an innocent girl thats is just moving from the states to the uk , when she starts in a new school and the bad boy of her school is everywhere and sending her deathly glares. what will miley do about it ?

Its simiar to dark so yea..hope you guys like it its my first movella ..


10. pain

I woke up with a painful headache and I felt something rapped around my wrist I look down to look at my wrist wrapped around with a cloth I couldn't remember what happened why am I in bed? I heard my door opened to see a very angry Harry He pulled out a blade "where did you get this?" He said with anger I couldn't talk back I was scared for some reason "ANSWER ME " he yelled what's up with him yelling a lot? "I-I found it under my pillow" I said looking around the room to not look at him "but I took everything that was sharp away from you I even inspected your bed !" "I-I don't know how it got here I swear" I said all shaky he then came to me and looked at my wrist then he just stared at it "I'm sorry for causing this but just stop" I just looked down and sat there "okay.." he then wrapped my wrist around with a cloth again and left I looked around to see lola knocking on my window I was a little shocked but I opened it anyway "so you found the blade I left you huh" ? She asked me with a smile "I did But Your boyfriend took it away" I said pretty pissed of "don't worry hun there's more that came from" she handed me a box full of blades "why?" I asked looking at the box "I want you to cut yourself and love your pain don't you love the feeling of red blood flowing on top of your pale skin? " "y-yeah" I studerred out "go ahead love" she said with a dark smile I then looked at her and grabbed the blade and almost cut until Harry came in "LOLA WHAT THE HELL "?? "He then pushes her and snatched the box away from me and threw them out the window and grabbed lola's wrist "you little bitch your the one who left the fucking blade under her pillow!" "Why do you care if she cuts or even dies" !? She yelled he just dragged her out of the room and slammed the door and I heard heavy footsteps coming up stairs I was pretty scared what he'll do or say. He slammed the door opened and he hugged me and rocked me on the bed for some strange reason I felt safe in his arms I was getting tired and he whispered something in my ear that I couldn't understand he then kissed my check and layed me down in bed and closed the door. I fell asleep but I couldn't fall deeply asleep because of lola she's scary and I don't know what she's capable of anything . I was being very cautious these past days and I haven't seen lola around witch relieved me and Harry was being really nice lately and he always called me beautiful and corny things like that his voice is just so...wow and his eyes are emerald green and his lips are the most beautiful shade of pink..wait miley what are you thinking! ? I stopped and thought am I falling for my kidnapper? .
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