Darkest Hour (harry styles fanfiction)

Miley was an innocent girl thats is just moving from the states to the uk , when she starts in a new school and the bad boy of her school is everywhere and sending her deathly glares. what will miley do about it ?

Its simiar to dark so yea..hope you guys like it its my first movella ..


1. new life

After my father's death my mother and i decided to leave the pain and move to the london . after packing all my belongings and gave my home the home i lived in since i was born a last look and a goodbye memories came rushing back in my head my eyes fet like they were getting watery but i did not want to upset my mom i want her to be happy so ill be happy . "Are you ready hun" !? My mom yelled inside the car . Closing the door i went to the direction of the car and sigh . "Whats wrong "? She asked a bit worried . "Nothing im just gonna miss it here.." . "Dont worry we have a nice home waiting for us in london and you will meet new friends in your school" she said smiling showing off her white teeth . "I guess" i sent her a fake smile and looked out the window watching the world go by , "were here" said my momeexcitedly and hopped of the car. I got out and just sat down while my mon got our tickets. I just sat there and wondered how its going to be like in london and i just popped my headphones and and fell asleep. I feelt someone shaking me i look a nd its my mom saying our plane is here and we need to get on board . *skip airplane ride* a cab took us to our new home its was really big it had 3 rooms and 2 restrooms my roon was al ready furnished with my stuff back at home they arranged it pretty well . I start uunpack and hear a knock on my door . "So what do ya think"? She said leaning on the door way . "Its great mom thanks" i said smiling at her . She comes and sits on my bed and pats next to her i sit down and just look around . "I know your having a hard time trying to forget about what happened to your dad but things happen for a reason hun look we have a nice home and everything we need " i just looked down then said "mom i love you your really strong and independent" i starded to cry she held me and rocked me like she usto when i was a kid now im 17 . "You start school monday so how about a little shopping?" I jumped up from my bed "OF COURSE" ! I said she just starded laughing "you crazy little girl fine ill go get ready in 5 minutes" i just ran to my luggage and put on a jumper and some black leggins and a beanie my combat boots and a little make up i brushed my dark brown hair and grabbed my phone and ran downstairs seeing mom already down by the door . We got to the mall and she gave me money and we made our seperate ways . I went into forever 21 abd saw the cutest shirt ever i had to buy ut and i went to starbucks and there he was the most mysterious person I've ever seen and was he staring at me ? I just shook it off and ordered my drink and made my way out of starbucks but only to be pinned to the wall my a mysterious man he looked into my light brown eyes and i looked up to his emerald greem eyes. "Why hello there " he whispered into my ear i could smell his minty breath "what's your name love?" I couldn't talk i froze while his hand made way to my crotch area i kicked him in the crotch and ran to ny moms car and called her "mom where are you ?" "In Macy's what's wrong"? "I uhm dont feel well " "okay hun im on my way to the car" "okay" then i hung up i see that mop of curls angry and looking for someone oh no i think hes after me .. i bend down so he cant see me and then i hear some heels walking my way oh no please don't find me please don't find me.. "miley what on earth are you doing on the floor?" "I lost a stud from my beanie" "oh okay come on lets go " we get in the car and there he was staring at ny car driving away from the mall i can barely see him but i can see him smirking who is that guy..hope i never see him again.. Helloooooo (: This is my first ever movella so yea comment , favorite , like ? (: I might update later tonight (:
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