Darkest Hour (harry styles fanfiction)

Miley was an innocent girl thats is just moving from the states to the uk , when she starts in a new school and the bad boy of her school is everywhere and sending her deathly glares. what will miley do about it ?

Its simiar to dark so yea..hope you guys like it its my first movella ..


6. lost

Miley P.O.V I wws woken up by some voices i then open my eyes and notice two girls . One was thin and with brown and had Crystal blue eyes and another girl with brown hair and honey brown eyes just were staring at me. Where am i thought when one of the girls got up and went walking close to me and looked at me with sad eyes "hi im melody" her blue eyes were full if sadness . The other girl came and sat with me on the floor "hello im silenia you can call me silly" she said with a smile "hi im miley..where am i"? Your in your new home she said with sadness in her voice "what do you mean new home" "well your Harry's new girlfriend liam and Louis told us you were coming" said silly "n-no im not his girlfriend he kidnapped me!" I stuttered then when we hear the door slam open we see the 4 guys melody and silly quickly got up i just sat there clueless Liam grabs melody by her wrists she yelped her wrists were bruised he just squeezed them harder i saw tears forming on Crystal blue eyes and liam eyes were dark and scary he pulled her in the hall way and i heard a door slam close and the 3 guys just stared at silly and i . Then louis calls silly to him she walks to him slowly "Hurry the fuck up " he said pulling her by the hair she whimpered in pain and louis looked at her and didnt care he pulled her in a room and it was just me and the other 2 zayn whispered something in harry's ear and smirked then harry looked at ne then turned to zayn and smirked then zayn left chuckling. "Missed me?" He said with a smirk i ignored him and looked down on the floor "Dont ignore me! " he yelled that scared me "i-im sorry i whispered he then pulled me up and had a good grip on my arm it hurted then he guided to a bedroom that was quiet messy "lay down" he said calmy "what? No" i said "lay down" he said again with annoyance in his voice "no im not going to lay down" "Lay the fuck down !" He said angry and yelling i got startled so i did what he said and layed down he got on top of me and starded kissinh my neck i was scared to death what he was going to do so i just didnt show any pleasure "show me you like it" he growled i didnt respond and kept quiet then he got my soft spot behind my ear i couldnt hokd it in no more i moaned i felt him smirk then i pushed him a bit of me and flipped him over so i was sitting on him 'can o use the restroom" "what no not now were busy" he said pushing me down to his body "but i really need to go " he groaned "fine" he picked me up and opened the door i locked it and looked for a way out then i saw a window i tried opening it but it needed a key "damn" i said under my breath then i just flushed the toilet and opened the door to see a naked harry i then turn around and started blushing then i heard foot steps coming my way "your so innocent" he said chuckling is this guy bipolar or something he wraps his arms around me and then i saw his knuckles they were red and bruised. . Wait wheres naill!? "Where's niall!?" I screamed "its not important" said harry while nibbling my ear i pushed him off of me "Where is he?" I said again "in the hospital" simply said harry i starded running to the door but i was stopped my two hands "where do you think your going"? "To see niall!" "Your not going" "im going nobody is with him his family is in ireland is alone im leaving" i wiggled out his grip and ran out the door and then i heard "stop" i kept running until i reached the hospital there was a lady on the desk "niall" i said" last name"? She asked i forgot to ask him for his damn last name "i forgot sorry hes a blonde boy" "oh okay room 309" "thank you" when i walk in i see julie talking to him "how are you "? I asked they both turned around "im fine and glad your back i though those guys kidnapoed you" poor niall he was purple and blue all over "so what did happen" ? Asked julie "long story" "i got time" i told her the whole story and she understands and nodded the whole time we went to the cafeteria of the hospital and got Starbucks thats when i noticed some curls and a black quiff walking in the hallway our direction i got scared and walked faster and then stopped by two guys infront of us . "You ran away and for that youll get punished" he said grabbing my wrist "lets go home" "N-No im not coming with you" " your mine remember that" he said tugging me i looked back to julie and zayn, zayn looked into julie maybe he likes her? I saw them exchange numbers and when zayn walked to us we left and got in a red Audi and zayn was in the driving seat Harry pushed me in the back seat and sat in the passenger side and i kept seeing harry glaring at me threw through the mirror it got me really scared so when we got gome Harry pushed me in the room and starded pushing me and i landed on the bed "tonight your doung what i say your being punished for being a bad girl" he said angrily i just froze i was really scared of him.. CLIFF HANGER CX SHOUD I CONTINUE? Love you guys -xx1Dforever456xxx
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