Darkest Hour (harry styles fanfiction)

Miley was an innocent girl thats is just moving from the states to the uk , when she starts in a new school and the bad boy of her school is everywhere and sending her deathly glares. what will miley do about it ?

Its simiar to dark so yea..hope you guys like it its my first movella ..


8. lola

So its been a week since i saw lola and harry together and they kept bullying me pretty badly and i cut a lot now its like a daily thing for me now. Until Harry saw my cuts it happened when my dumb self thought harry went somewhere with lola but my mistake i came downstairs with a tank top and some shorts harry was on the couch and lola cuddling i tried to sneak upstairs and when i was closer to the steps "nuh uh uh" i heard Harry say and get up i turned around he grabbed my wrist and it reall hurt he then sees my cuts he expression was priceless his eyes widened and looked at me and back at my wrist "when did you start "? He asked with a shaky voice i didnt look at him i looked at the ground and tried to take my hand awat from his grip . Lola gets up and says "Dont worry babe ill go clean her cuts " she just grabbed my hand and took me to the restroom "listen you little slut i dont want you around my boyfriend, understand? " i was shocked then i nodded and she cleaned up my cuts and left i went to my room and sat on the floor just thinking about life then i hear my door knock i stay where i am and see harru come in "where is it" he asked calm "what "? I asked pretending i didnt know what he wanted ."WHERE THE HELL IS IT MILEY!?" he yelled at me tears starded forming in my eyes under my bed i whispered he bent down and grabbed my little box of blades he opened the box his face had a terrified look . "Why?" He asked while sitting on the floor "why do you do this?" He asked. I cant believe i actually had the courage to talk back to him "because,your making my life like a living hell! " i yelled at him with tears streaming down my cheecks he looked at me with guilt in his face "im the cause of this.." he looked at me and hugged me and then lola came in "hi babe im just wondering if..what the hell are you doing with my boyfriend you slut!?" She came and slapped me across the face and harry held her back "Babe !? What happened why are you with her" he just took her downstairs and she screamed and yelled and i heard the front door slam close and it was late so i decidedto gget some rest and thats what i did . Then it was about 3:00 AM i hear my window break and it was a letter tapped to a rock a read it and it said "you took whats mine now your going to pay the price whore" now this is a letter from lola obviously. .. i wonder how far she'll go. HELLO LOVELIES SORRY I DIDNT UPDATE FOR 2 DAYS I HAD A LOT OF THINGS GOING ON BUUUT IM BAACK ! (:
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