The Lost Voice

(Another story I wrote on my Ondirectionfanfiction account.)
When Miya's father didn't return from the war,and her mother passes due to depression, she depends on her long time friend, Zayn to be there for her and listen to her as she deals with her grief.


1. Unspoken

Miya closed her eyes, trying her hardest to breath evenly as the large brown truck pulled up in the airport.  It was a warm August, the wind was stirring softly and hitting Miya’s tan skin.  She felt a hand brush softly across her back, trying to soothe her uneasy feelings.  Miya looked to her best friend, his eyes just as teared up as hers.  “Zayn....what if my father is not on that truck?  What if he didn’t come back?” she whimpered, resting her head on his shoulder and fixing her long flowery dress that she made sure looked perfect for her father’s return.  Zayn kissed her forehead, “Don’t say that.  You’re father is fine...he’s gonna hop out of that truck and come running to you like he said he would,” Zayn assured.  Her mother stepped forward, with the rest of the army mothers, holding her breath as the men filed out of the truck.  They turned around, saluting, their faces sad and stoic.  Miya fell to her knees, tears flowing down her face, her screams the only thing breaking the silence.  
    Miya screamed, her sheets sticking to her skin as the sweat dripped down her face and arms.  “Miya?  Are you okay?” Zayn asked, getting up from his seat and walking over to the end of her hospital bed.  Miya brushed her hair back, putting it in a high ponytail and nodded.  She looked down at her arm which had a few red blotches on her somewhat tan skin, “Hold on....don’t move. You’re nose is bleeding...” Zayn warned, running around the hospital room looking for a cloth in complete darkness.  She felt Zayn’s warm hand brush her back, “Lean back Mi, put this on your nose and don’t move,” he whispered.  He looked down at her, stroking back her hair and smiled, as Miya signed ‘thank you’.  ‘Lay down with me’ she signed again, scooting over and making room for him.  He smiled and got under the covers with her, wrapping his arms around her small waist.  “Miya, how come you won’t talk anymore?......I miss your voice” he sighed, his voice cracking.  Miya took the cloth off her nose, making sure her nose was done bleeding before rolling over to face Zayn.  “I lost my voice when I lost my father...When I see him again, I’ll get my voice back” she signed, looking down avoiding his eyes.  “Miya, please don’t say stuff like that..” he mumbled, grabbing her shoulder.  “Why?” she signed, showing a disgruntled face to Zayn.  “Because we’re here because of that, do you want to know how I found you last year?  On the floor, bleeding profusely and pale and....” he choked, a single tear falling down his face.  He placed a hand on his forehead, hiding his emotions from his friend.  “You used to be so happy...I miss Miya.  I miss my best friend.  And most of all I would miss you even more if you left.  Without your voice and your happiness it already feels like you’re fading, that you’re going to leave,” he sniffled.  Miya took his hand off of his face, “I’m sorry” she signed.

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