The Lost Voice

(Another story I wrote on my Ondirectionfanfiction account.)
When Miya's father didn't return from the war,and her mother passes due to depression, she depends on her long time friend, Zayn to be there for her and listen to her as she deals with her grief.


4. The New Apartment

Miya opened the window of the car, feeling the wind hit her face as Zayn drove his car faster down the highway.  She went into the glove box and undid the secret compartment, or not so secret compartment where Zayn kept his cigarettes.  Miya shook the package before taking out a cig and lighting it, bringing it too her lips and taking a long, needed puff.  Zayn watched her intensely, biting his lip and mystified as she exhaled.  “As much as I hate you smoking, you look hot doing it,” he joked, reverting his eyes back to the road.  Miya smiled and looked to him, french exhaling her smoke, letting it run up her nostrils and back out her nose.   Zayn smiled and took the cigarette from her hand and took a puff himself, exhaling it as well before handing it back to Miya and pulling into their road.  She flicked her cig outside, opened her door and crushed the cigarette into the ground, gazing at the beautiful pent house.  “Wow..this is beautiful” she signed, walking up the steps, “What floor?” 
Zayn grabbed her bag out of the car and locked it before following her up the stairs, “Third floor, room 45A, here are the keys” he huffed already tired from walking up one flight of stairs, and passing her the keys.  She took the key and slid it through the lock, opened up the door and stood amazed in the doorway.  “Zayn how did you pay for this?”  she asked, turning around, her hands shaky.  “ parents?  They wanted me out,” he grinned.  Miya walked in farther moving around to the little island in the kitchen, already littered with Zayn’s belongings and scraps.  “You hungry?  We got cereal, cereal, cereal and oh cereal!” he joked.  Miya nodded, “Cereal it is then” she smiled taking off her coat and fixing her outfit.  As Zayn was fixing her a bowl he turned, “SO Miya...there are rules here you know.  For one. I don’t want to find you like how I found you the last time.  And you are not alone to be home alone. And finally, your doctor recommended that you visit your psychiatrist starting tomorrow morning.  I’ll drive you and whatnot...” he turned around noticing that Miya wasn’t there.  He dropped the bowl on the counter panicking as he ran the house searching for Miya, who was in her bedroom, out on the balcony over looking the streets and smoking another cigarette.  Zayn came behind her and wrapped his arms gently around her waist, “Way to scare the shit outta me Miya,” he chuckled.  Miya smiled, putting down her cigarette and kissed his nose “You got boring,” she joked.  She turned around and unwrapped his arms and ducked back into the bedroom, which was bright green with red chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  Zayn knew that she wanted to travel when she finished with school, especially to China.  She noticed the gold lettering all around the walls, “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe in cursive.  Zayn leaned against the wall, watching her admire her knew bedroom, which him and his mother had spent weeks painting and designing it to her liking.  “So what do you think Miya?” he asked, laying back on the silk  red and gold chinese type sheets.  “I love the bedroom Zayn.  It’s perfect,” she smiled, walking over and sitting on Zayn’s lap.  “At least now I know that you listen and remember all the things I like,” she joked, tickling his sides.  Zayn curled up trying to avoid her fingers as they attacked his sides.  “I listen all the time.  You just think I don’t,” he grinned sticking out his tongue.  “Come on.  Let’s go eat,” she smiled, trying to avoid the awkward, lovable moment that had clung in the air. 

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