The Lost Voice

(Another story I wrote on my Ondirectionfanfiction account.)
When Miya's father didn't return from the war,and her mother passes due to depression, she depends on her long time friend, Zayn to be there for her and listen to her as she deals with her grief.


5. Confessions

Miya sat on the shore watching the waves hit her toes as the water rocked along the shore.  She closed her eyes and breathed in the soft sea air as it hit her face making her nose tingle a bit.  Miya kicked off her flip flops and jeans, stripping down to her bra and panties before going waist high in the water and diving in.  She sat on the bottom of the ocean floor, looking up as the moonlight rippled through the water and against her skin, casting a pale blue light against her skin.  The bubbles left her mouth and slowly popped as they hit the surface, and her hair tickled her neck as it rocked with the slight waves that swayed her back and forth.  Miya closed her eyes and floated along, not listening to her conscience as she slowly ran out of air.  Her head felt slightly light headed as she sunk lower and lower to the bottom, until she felt two strong arms grab her back up and out of the water.  “What the fuck Miya!” Zayn yelled, shaking her, “I thought we stopped with this shit?!  This stupid suicide shit needs to fucking stop, now?!  You promised,” his words filled with anger and a hint of sadness, his throat closing as he tried to chug back tears.  “Do you want to leave me?  Aren’t you happy?”  he asked, looking down at the water and shaking his head.  “I’m just not happy in general,” Miya shrugged, pulling up her bra straps not caring.  Zayn picked her up and brought her inside, grabbing their clothes along the way before tossing her gently on the bed and handing her a towel.  He turned around and walked to the closet, grabbing her a t shirt and new panties and handed them to her, “You’re shivering,” he mumbled.  Miya got dressed, not caring to answer and plopped down on the bed, turning her back to Zayn.  “Miya...if you left....” Zayn cried, his voice trailing off, “I love you...” he whispered.  Miya’s eyes widened and her heart stopped suddenly.  She had been nothing but friends with Zayn since she could remember and had always been like an older brother to her.  Zayn got up, walking to the bedroom door and stopping, “Promise me something Miya.  If you go.  Take me with you...” he mumbled before going across the hall and into his room, shutting the door.  Miya got up after a few moments and turned her radio on, shutting the door and collapsing on the bed, sobbing.

After hours of non stop crying and 4 sad albums later she got up the courage to walk to Zayn’s door, not even bothering to knock.  He was laying on his bed, his arms dangling off the sides, asleep.  He rolled over and groaned as the light him, “You alright?” he asked, getting up and turning on the lamp that sat next to his bed.  Miya stood there, her mouth dry as she tried to find the words to say the things that she had been thinking of for hours.   “I’m sorry I’m selfish, and sad all the time.  I’m sorry that I push you away when I just want you to come close, listen to me.  I lo---” she stopped, her hands in mid air.  Miya gulped and opened her mouth, “I love you” she spoke, her voice raspy and high pitched.  Zayn’s mouth dropped, his eyes filling with tears, since this was the first time in 3 years that she has spoken.  He sat up and moved closer to her, holding her face gently in his hands, “Say it again,” he whispered.  Miya closed her eyes and tried her hardest to make her voice sound somewhat normal, “Zayn.  I love you,” she spoke softly.  Zayn sighed in relief and pressed his lips to hers urgently, moving them gently with hers.  Miya moved her lips back with his with the same passion as his, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.  
    She woke up the next morning, lying in Zayn’s arms and covered by about 3 blankets.  She looked up to find Zayn staring at her, his eyes admiring every inch of her.  “Good morning beautiful,” he smiled, brushing back a piece of hair that had fallen in front of her face.  “Morning,” she giggled, not quite used to her voice quite yet.  Zayn smiled and kissed her forehead, “You hungry?  I can make us breakfast, I went grocery shopping yesterday,” he smiled.  Miya nodded and cuddled under the covers as he got out of bed, “I’ll be back,” Zayn chuckled, kissing her.  A few minutes later Zayn came back with a tray of breakfast foods, and a small bouquet of daisies.  “Aw Zayn...” she blushed, covering her face.  He pulled back her hair, out of the way of the food and sat behind her, rubbing her back gently.  “You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear your voice again...” he whispered.  Miya took another bite of her eggs and offered Zayn a bite, smiling as he took the fork from her hands and fed her the rest, lovingly.  “It’s weird though....I haven’t heard my voice in so long....It’s like learning all over again,”  she smiled leaning back, resting against Zayn’s chest.  “You want to go out today?  Skip your appointment with the counselor? Maybe take a ride downtown?” he asked.  Miya nodded.  She was insanely sick of getting up at the crack of dawn just so she can sit in front of a “doctor” and a translator and not say anything at all.  Waste of government money if you wanted her opinion.   “Well after your done, get dressed.  It’s a really nice day out..” he smiled, grabbing some clothes from his closet and running to the bathroom.  She finished her breakfast and ran to her room, grabbing a pair of her high waisted shorts and a her Supras, with a black sleeveless shirt.  She got dressed and walked to her bathroom to put on a dash of makeup and brushed her teeth, trying her hardest to actually look decent for her first walk outside in the real world after a year of being locked in a rehabilitation center.  She walked downstairs to find Zayn sitting outside on the porch, smoking a cigarette.  Miya took the cig from his hands and took a puff, blowing the smoke out after a large inhale.  “You ready?” she asked, crushing the cigarette down and flicking it.  Zayn laughed and picked her up bridal style as he carried her to the car.


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