The Lost Voice

(Another story I wrote on my Ondirectionfanfiction account.)
When Miya's father didn't return from the war,and her mother passes due to depression, she depends on her long time friend, Zayn to be there for her and listen to her as she deals with her grief.


3. Checked Out

Miya smiled as Zayn came back the next afternoon, carrying a few articles of clothing for her to change into.  She grinned, happy to get out of the thin hospital gown and pajama bottoms, since she wasn’t allowed to wear anything else.  “Brought these for you, I hope they’re decent,” Zayn smiled.  The nurse came into the room, her eyes watchful and stern.  Zayn turned to her, “The hospital is allowing you to take an unmonitored shower. Just....please don’t do anything stupid?” he mumbled.  Miya nodded and walked to the shower, shutting the door and turning on the water and stripping.  The water was never warm enough, in fear that patients might get the wrong idea.  There were no shower curtains, shaving razors, good smelling soap, a curse for anyone who got placed in this hell hole you call a hospital.  She shivered as the water hit her back, goosebumps appearing on her perfectly tanned skin.  Miya looked down at her bandages and pulled them off gently, not to spark the pain in the stitches.  The scars were deep and stung a little as the water trickled down them. She was careful not to bend her wrists too much as she washed her body with her loofah that Zayn had brought back for her.  Miya was "troubled", as her counselor would say and it didn't phase Miya.  In fact, she enjoyed it.  Her "friends" from high school abandoned her when they found out that she tried to commit suicide, twice.  And her family wanted nothing to do with her after her father and her mother's death.  She was alone and she liked it that way.  There was a slight knock at the door which startled Miya.  “Miya. Time’s up,” yelled the nurse through the thick door.  She shut the water off and wrapped the towel around her waist and walked out of the door to get dressed.  Zayn stood on the other side of the room, flipping through his phone impatiently waiting for his friend to be done.  She dropped the towel and walked over to her bed, grabbing her warm clothes.  “Jesus Miya.  You’re not at home.  We’re in a hospital!” he warned, grabbing the towel and covering her decently.  Miya giggled and shrugged, not caring at the slightest.  Being nude was a way for her to be free, feel like the weight was off her shoulders a little.  She tossed the sweater dress over her head and popped her arms through the sleeves, before grabbing her panties and leggings and pulled them up.  Miya turned to Zayn, who was blushing, a little unusual for a guy who has seen her naked many times before.  “Blushing?  Why are you blushing?” she asked, a huge grin on her face as her hands and fingers signed wildly.  Zayn coughed and shook his head, “No reason! Just hurry up Miya.  My moms waiting for us,” he covered, walking to the door and going to the front desk to check her out of the hospital.  Miya smiled to herself, her stomach doing backflips.

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