To My love....

Carly is a 18 year old girl. Living her own life by herself since her parents died in a car accident 2 years ago. Ever since her parents have died she's been getting bullied by her own friends and she has no one to talk to. Until she meets a boy off of One direction and changes her life. Which boy will she fall in love with? You have to find out in the book "To My love".


9. Worst Day Ever!!!

---------------------------------During School--------------------------------------

When English was done I was heading to my locker to get some books for Math than as I was doing that I heard heels coming this way it was Arianna, Skylar, and Mary.

"I'm not in the mood to you bulling me today!" I said turning around to them.   "Shut up little brat!" Mary said.  "Oh yeah your still with Harry but guess what next time u get by him ill hurt your Heart." Skylar said but I was not listening to her.  "Harrys not yours, you'll never be with him" as she kept talking.  "Just Shut up I'm sick and tired of you and your friends bulling me and other people!" I said yelling.  As I walked way to the math class I saw Arianna walking by and heard.  "you'll never be with him".  I started crying and left.

I was walking towards home when I was near Harry's house I saw Louis's car poling in his drive way as I heard a bang from the car it was Harry.  I didn't want him to see me crying again so I decided to run. I didn't hear anything be hide me so I stopped and started to walk home.  But then a car went by me it was Louis's as I looked I saw Niall looking at me and I was still crying.

I fell and started crying so hard than yesterday.  than I heard a car stopped and four people was there with me. it was Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam.

"What wrong" I heard Niall.  "Nothing, I don't want to talk about it and you can ask Harry I told him earlier" I said still crying.  As I got up they all gave me a hug and headed to their car.  I walked towards my house and got in.

I went up to my room to get ready for my date with Harry tonight I picked out a sweetheart beaded tulle formal evening gown.  I added some diamonds earrings and put added some light blue eye shadow to match my dress and some lip stick also. I started to curl my hair and when I was finished I heard my grandmother yelling my name. ''I'm on my way!" I said yelling down the stairs."  

While I was coming down the stairs, I saw Harry in a tie and a nice outfit.  When Harry saw me his jaw dropped.

"You look beautiful Carly." he said smiling.  "Awwwe you look good your self." I said smiling.  He took my hand and we got into the car.


As we hopped out of the car we headed into the restaurant and Harry told them the table for styles.

We walked to our table and gotten some drinks from our waitress that looked familiar but i couldn't think who it was.  She asked me wanted "Um I'll have Grilled Chicken Caesar salad" I said.

"I'll have the same" Harry said. As harry told her she looked back at me and gave me a evil look and trust me I did not know what was going on."

"Harry I'll be back I'm going to get my phone that I forgot in the car" I said looking at him.  "Ok, love you" he said.  "Love you too" I turned around and went out side to get my phone.

Next thing I knew he was kissing the waitress it could of not been it was Skylar and I started to walk up to them.  "How could you Harry!" I started running.  "Carly! I can explain!" he said chasing me.

"NO harry you broke my heart, I'm done Harry." I said crying.  I started running as fast as I could the next thing I knew he was not be hide me and probably of that he was back at the restaurant kissing Skylar.


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