To My love....

Carly is a 18 year old girl. Living her own life by herself since her parents died in a car accident 2 years ago. Ever since her parents have died she's been getting bullied by her own friends and she has no one to talk to. Until she meets a boy off of One direction and changes her life. Which boy will she fall in love with? You have to find out in the book "To My love".


8. running into Harry

*Carly's POV*

After I took a shower I hopped out and grabbed a pink tank top, jacket, skinny jeans and some sandals to go with.  I added some jewelry to my out and added pink eye shadow and some lipstick.  I grabbed my books and headed to school.

As I was walking I ran into somebody. Harry.

"Hey Harry!" I said with a smile. "Hey babe where are you heading?" he said.  "Oh to school how about you?" I Said with a curious voice.  "Oh I'm going to the mall with the boys I wished that you could come!" he said.

"Yeah I wish!" I said to him.  "Why Is that?" he said asking me.  "Um....Well..." looking at him.  "Come on please tell me." as he was asking me confused.  "Ok well I get bullied every day by three girls that use to be my friends." as I said almost crying.  "you'll be alright Carly" he said as he lead me to him and I  started to cry hard.  As my head was up to his chest I felt like I was protected from those 3 rude girls and every one in my life.

"Hey Harry I need to go to school I'll see you later, love you!" I said to him.  "Ok I'll see you later, love you too babe." he said smiling.



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