To My love....

Carly is a 18 year old girl. Living her own life by herself since her parents died in a car accident 2 years ago. Ever since her parents have died she's been getting bullied by her own friends and she has no one to talk to. Until she meets a boy off of One direction and changes her life. Which boy will she fall in love with? You have to find out in the book "To My love".


1. Flashback From The Day My Parents had died....

  Carly's POV

 I had been laying on my bed since I got back from school.  I got up and got a picture of my parents and I been missing them so much since they had died.

   *Flash Back from March 19, 2011*

When I got Back from School I had out gotten of the relationship with my ex boy friend Dylan.  What else would make it the day any more worst?!  Then I heard my phone buzzing and it was from Dylan.  I didn't really wanted to talk to him but I answered it anyways.  "What do you want?" I said.  "Well Carly I have some bad news." he said with a worried voice. "What is it?" as I was wondering what it would be. :Ummm.... Well...." he said. "spill it already!" as I said back.  "Your parents had died in a car accident.". "I don't believe you Dylan and plus they just texted me about 5 minutes ago!" I said as I ended the call with him.  While I was done talking to that person I turned on the TV and found out that there was a car accident. For a second I thought it could of not it been. But then on the TV there was two pictures of my parents.  The TV said that  two parents had died in the car accent and there names are Clare and Aaron Harris. My jaw dropped down when I found out and Dylan was not even lying.  I started to cry as I heard my front room door closed it was my grandmother from London I couldn't believe that she was here.!  She had found out about my parents and she told me to pack my stuff. "Grandmother" I said.  "yes Carly" my grandmother said.  "Why am I packing?" I said with a confused face.  "Your moving to London with me since you have no one else to live with."

 *Present time* 

After all that I couldn't remember the rest of the story on that sad day but they thing I was happy about was going to London where I always wanted to Live and where my idols One direction lived.  I had went  to go lay back down and listen to my favorite song to "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes.  As soon I was getting bored I decided to go take a shower and get ready to talk a walk since I need to get it off my mind about my parents. 

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