The Truth (A Sam Pottorff Fan Fiction)

Read it to find out ^.^


5. Sam

(Sam's p.o.v.)

I haven't been going to school for two weeks now. Everything is falling apart. My friendships, my thoughts, my life, even Savannah. I miss her the most. Nothing is working out anymore. Especially since I have been lying to everyone. No one knows the truth anymore. I can't stand to tell anyone that I.....

*Knocking at the door* Who on Earth could that be?

"Ye.... Oh hey Savannah." I said trying to contain my excitement. She hasn't completely forgotten me.

"Hey little Sammers. How are ya? Haven't talked to ya in a while. " She kept smiling at me and I was trying so hard not to hug her, but I caved in. I stood there hugging her and she hugged back. It felt amazing. I missed her so much.

"Are you okay?" Savannah asked. I was holding back tears because I hate lying to her, but I just nodded my head letting her know I was okay. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Oh you know. Just had to stop by and see what kind of dirt I could pick up on about my little Sam. Plus, I wanted to check on you." She kinda looked down at the ground when she said the last part. What could that mean? Does she know?

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