The Truth (A Sam Pottorff Fan Fiction)

Read it to find out ^.^


4. 2nd Block

Kian is waiting for me at the door when I walk out. He reaches for my hand and we walk to our next class. Connor and Jc meet us at the door. They are so excited! We all walk in together, and I scan the room to see if Sam has come in yet. No sign of him. My smile is gone and Kian noticed it.

"Hey Babe, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just was thinking. That's all." I look down to the ground hoping that he won't see that my eyes are starting to water. I tell him that I am going to go to my seat and he lets me go. I find my way to my seat. I sit in the middle of the class surrounded by my friends. Trevor is in front of my tapping his foot and humming the lyrics to his new song. Ricky is behind me trying to control his alter personality, Ricky Minaj. Connor is to my right with the biggest smile on his face. He must be excited to post his new video today. I look to my left. Sam usually sits there, but he is not in his seat. I feel an emptiness engulf my body. This is the second week he hasn't been at school. Where could he be? I hope he is okay. I try to focus during class, but I keep glancing over to my left to see if Sam may have come in late. The bell rings and I realize that he won't be here again today. I hold back the tears.

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