The Bullys

Three different people with three different stories the one thing they have in common Bullys and they are the target. Why? No one really knows but they can imagine.
The Bullied: Hanna, Kevin, Tammy
The Bullys: Jake, Religh, Sander
In this story I will tell the story of the bullied and the bully. And I can just hope that you will listen and speak out about this horrible topic called


No offence to anyone I am just putting my opinion about this topic out in public. It is a cruel and horrible thing that people have to know about. People have to make smart decisions and have to be heard.


6. Sander

    "Hey mom, I am going to Hayden's house so don't wait up." My mom never says no and if she ever does I disobey her and never get in trouble. Hayden is one of my best friends, he disagrees with me bulling my step-sister, because he likes her,  he never does anything about it though. The reason I do this is because, I admit, I am jealous of her. I am jealous of the life she has. Sure I have money and she is poor but she is loved. I have been loved only once when my grandparents were alive, I know that they were the reason I was happy. I know she is loved, when my step-dad was going through a surgery my mom paid the doctor loads of money to do an operation were he loses his memory. She made Tammy and her mom sound horrible, but truthfully, they are the most pure people I have ever met. Before the surgery I never met my moms new husband. But it seemed like she got a new one every two years, I know that she loves this one and that is when she brain washed him and made up a lie for him to tell his wife at the time over the phone. The lie is that while he was on a trip with his friends in Australia he found the love of his life there and would be leaving his wife for my mom. This was after the surgery that he did this when he was completely erased of every memory. He just knew the human actions and words. The truth in the story was the trip to Australia, he met my mom and they became friends to him, that is it. But to my mom this was the happiest I have seen her ever since my dad died of cancer and left us a business and an enormous load of money. When he was still married and on this trip my mom had a plan to have him put in the hospital by hiring a guy to mess him up a bit have something wrong with his brain a little bit. The doctor had to do surgery anyway now but she had him do more then intended. And after all of that it all kind of fell in place. I was at Hayden's house ringing the doorbell until he came down to answer it. He was home alone so of course he had the door locked, it was a nice neighborhood that we all lived in. He lived only a few blocks down from us so it was just a hop, skip, and jump away. I walked into the small little hall just to the door. We walked up the curved stairs in silence for a while until I broke it. "Hey Hayden, I have a question to ask that I think is true but I a not sure." "Yeah, so what is it?" "Umm... do you like Tammy?" I blurt it out, I feel bad that I do bully her but I can't fight  the urge. I start to feel sorry for her and her mom when I think about the horrible things my mom has done to them. "Well, yeah I do. I really don't like that you are so cruel to her earthier." "I don't earthier." I thought I said so quiet he couldn't here but, I was wrong. "Why do you do it then?" "Because... I- I... I'm jealous of her." It felt good to say it to someone other then myself. "I get it, it is because you are not loved and she is. We have had the 'I am not loved' conversation before." The reason that me and him are so close is because, sometimes when we have nothing to do we have those best friend girly conversations. I don't like to open up but he is my best bud and we care about each other. Not in a I love you and want to spend the rest of my love type of thing, but brotherly love. I want to just have that feeling once in my life. "So, are you going to ask her out. You can because you have never talked to her before and I think she likes you to. She told me when I was not mean to her and when we first met her. That was before I knew she went to school with us. We were friends at first, then I had the urge to be horrible to her because I knew her story. I want to start over with her and maybe if you do date her we can become friends again. And maybe I can get her dad to fall in love with her mom again and my mom to fall out of love with him. I don't want to be horrible to her like that but what she did was so wrong." I had even told him about what my mom did to Tammy's father.

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