The Bullys

Three different people with three different stories the one thing they have in common Bullys and they are the target. Why? No one really knows but they can imagine.
The Bullied: Hanna, Kevin, Tammy
The Bullys: Jake, Religh, Sander
In this story I will tell the story of the bullied and the bully. And I can just hope that you will listen and speak out about this horrible topic called


No offence to anyone I am just putting my opinion about this topic out in public. It is a cruel and horrible thing that people have to know about. People have to make smart decisions and have to be heard.


4. Religh

  I was in the middle of my homework when my mom came rushing in telling me that she saw the police pull into Kevin's driveway. "I don't really care, mom, it is likely that it is a burglary. We have them all the time in this neighborhood." She thinks that me and Kevin will be best friends again. That will never happen, she does not know what he did. He made fun of me, he said it was a joke. Him out of all people should have known I don't do well with jokes. I just don't get them, since he made fun of me I made a promise to myself. He would feel the way I feel the way I still hurt until I quit hurting. I looked at my mom she nodded her head, "Well I am going to go ahead and check because all the family should be there. I want to make sure they are okay." I just nodded my head back at her. I know that his mom is her best friends and we are supposed to get married and everything, blah, blah, blah. I tell my mom everything so she knows what happened she just wants it to get better. I looked outside my bedroom window that faced directly in front of Kevin's bedroom. He just ran back inside, that does not mean anything good. I kept looking out just to make sure I saw my mom run over there and start talking to the police man standing outside. I looked at the door and saw two gurneys follow Kevin shortly after. I looked back to my mom she started to burst in tears. I saw many police men come out of the house then two with a man in handcuffs. I turned and saw one of the corner cars come down the street then. I put it all together as I saw his parents come out on the gurneys but white sheets covered their body's. Then I saw Kevin come last his face stained with tears but now with a blank expression. I looked back to my mom she was crossing the street, I felt tears start to come down my cheeks I was sad when I saw his parents but the tears came flowing when I saw him. Maybe I do still care about him but I cover it up with all these horrible things. I don't like the idea of him living with us but I know that he will. My parents are his god parents and that means that I am going to end up living with the boy I love but dislike at the same time. I started looking around the room for my purse I knew we were on our way police station right after my mom gets my dad. I did not want them to see I was crying and it was cold out so I put on a hoodie with my initials monogramed on them and put on the hood. It was a little big around my face so it kind of hid my cheeks. I ran down stairs and out the door and into our white SUV. I looked out the window as my sister sat beside me my mom in front and my dad in the drivers seat. I grabbed my phone out of my purse. I still had his number on my phone. We quit being friends two years ago we were in the eighth grade. I have changed phones in those times. I still kept his number each time, I put in my phone still. I started to text him but I did not send the message. I put my phone back in my purse, I looked back out of the window it was only a few minutes to get to the police station. When we got there I sat in the corner as we were waiting for Kevin to be done. When he walked out my mom and dad ran up and hugged him. I saw looked up and while they were still hugging him we held eye contact until they ley go of him. I have no reason to make him feel the way I did and now he thinks I am the worst person ever and I just want him to be my best friend again.

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