The Bullys

Three different people with three different stories the one thing they have in common Bullys and they are the target. Why? No one really knows but they can imagine.
The Bullied: Hanna, Kevin, Tammy
The Bullys: Jake, Religh, Sander
In this story I will tell the story of the bullied and the bully. And I can just hope that you will listen and speak out about this horrible topic called


No offence to anyone I am just putting my opinion about this topic out in public. It is a cruel and horrible thing that people have to know about. People have to make smart decisions and have to be heard.


3. Kevin

   "Mom I am home," I said. No one answered like normally, someone always answers. I walked into the library where my dad usually is. This is the time he usually reads, he just really likes to read. I walked in and he was not there. I went back to the entry way, they leave a note if I get off the bus and they are not home by then. I heard footsteps upstairs but, these were footsteps that were trying to be quiet. I went into the theater room, this is where my mom usually is watching some type of soap opera. I slowly poked my head in, she was not there. I heard the rustling upstairs again. I ignored it the first time, thinking it was Charlie, my dog. Now that I think about it he hasn't even came through like he does. I am scared, I went through the kitchen to get to the garage. All of the cars were here. I turned back up the stairs into the hallway that leads to the kitchen from the garage. I opened up the door when I heard something that sounded like a gun go off upstairs. I ran back to the garage and went out the door there. I got out my phone and called 911, it was quickly answered by what sounded like a woman in her thirties. "911, what is your emergency?" the sweet lady said. I wanted to start crying but I kept it together," Mam I have heard something that sounds like gun shots upstairs, my mom and dad are not downstairs and all of our cars are here. We may need an ambulance also I have not went upstairs yet." "Okay what is your name and address so I can get the police and medics there." she sounded so calm. I tried not to cry like I said but my voice started to shake then it all came out. "My name is Kevin and my address is 6837, Laneville Drive." "Thank you we will now be sending the police and medics." "Thank you, mam." I wanted to run away. I went back inside the house ignoring the women's later warnings as I was ending the call. I started to hear more shots go of. I went inside the living room as Charlie came running downstairs frightened by the sounds I picked up the miniature Dotson. He was quiet this means he was very scared. I heard the front door open, I ran to the entry way getting guns pointed towards me. I through my hands up dropping my small dog. He landed on his feet still standing by me. He would normally run away to my mother if I ever dropped or accidentally hurt him. The police had puambulacet  and one of the men took me outside. I told him everything as he was writing it down on a note pad. I saw an  as I looked to my left. I was listening to the mans radio so I could hear what was going on inside my house. "Umm, Jerry you might need to call a corner out here." I looked at the man, whose name was supposedly Jerry, with hope in my eyes. I knew that it was for my parents, then I saw the medics go in my house with two gurneys with white clothes. Jerry looked at me with sad eyes. I ran in through the door that was in the garage. I went upstairs into my parents master bedroom, they were both there laying on the floor holding hands. I looked at my parents they had both been shot in the head. I saw another man not in a police uniform, I look at him he was dressed in black and had a mask on. I looked at him he was in cuffs. I knew he was the one who had done this I went up to him and said, "why did you do this, why, I know that they probably owed money but you did not have to go and kill them. They are all I have no did have. And you, you took them away from me!" He looked guilty now. It was true they were all I had. I wanted to scream at him, but instead I forgave him and did the right thing. I was very upset but I did not want him to also think about him and how he must feel, how his family might feel. What if he has no family like me. I turned away with the police behind me, I started to think. I am bullied and this is just another thing that she can bully me for. My mom was going to start home schooling me after Christmas brake. I wanted to go and hide away from the rest of the world. We were very rich but I was a nerd with one friend. I got picked on for being a nerd, I am shy and humble so I don't stick up for myself. I stick up for others but I get beat up for that to. My bully's name is Religh and she is not in a bad situation we used to be friends when we were little. I used to go to her house all the time my mom and her mom were best friends. One day I brought my other friend Hanna over, Religh got jealous and has been horrible to me ever since. Now I am going to be living with them because Religh's parents are my god parents. They are the only choice I have other then an adoption agency or foster home. I mean, I am 17 so having new parents would be very awkward I am trying to stay away from that choice. I started to get into one of the police cars to drive to the police station for an report. I got in and answered the mans questions with yes or no on the way to the police station. When we were finished with police report I walked out of the room. I saw Religh and her parents, whose names are Tina and Ron, she looked sad but never looked at me. Her parents came running towards me to give me a hug. I hugged them back and my eyes were red and puffy from crying I did not care what I looked like right now. Normally if I cried I would want to tell myself to suck it up. I normally won't cry anyway, but today I lost my parents and I don't care.

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