The Bullys

Three different people with three different stories the one thing they have in common Bullys and they are the target. Why? No one really knows but they can imagine.
The Bullied: Hanna, Kevin, Tammy
The Bullys: Jake, Religh, Sander
In this story I will tell the story of the bullied and the bully. And I can just hope that you will listen and speak out about this horrible topic called


No offence to anyone I am just putting my opinion about this topic out in public. It is a cruel and horrible thing that people have to know about. People have to make smart decisions and have to be heard.


2. Jake

 The Bully

  "Mom I'm headed to school," I said to the empty mansion we lived in knowing no one would answer. It was always like this but, since I have money I have people that want to have me as a friend so I don't worry. They give me alot of attention. And I get more at school because the kids see me as a popular person and they better not get in my way. And there is this girl named Hanna she always sticks up for kids so you know I needed to have someone feel worse then I do. I got into the hummer that our driver dives me to school in. He is the closest family I have and he isn't family at all. I got to school and my friends were waiting for me at the door way of the school, and right when I got out geuss who was walking off the school bus..... dum bum dum. Hanna. Ok so maybe the only reason I bully her is because she is actually really pretty and I kind of like her and I don't know what to say. But that is beside the fact that I can't turn back now she would hate me and I am not saying that she doesn't hate me now.



Okay so what do you think of this guy. I know it is an short chapter but he is a guy that won't say much he has more actions then words. But they are not the best actions either. *sigh* What a shame.~ Metty

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